Does It Stay In Vegas?; The Wizard Of WaPo

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What Happens In Vegas

Las Vegas executed a tourism campaign on Pandora that highlights the usefulness of location tracking in measuring ad effectiveness. The city targeted listeners in nearby markets (Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Dallas, etc.) listening to music produced by Vegas house DJs. The mobile location analytics firm Placed then cross-referenced logged-in Pandora users exposed to those ads with people who visited the city, writes Adweek’s Lauren Johnson. “Offline attribution is a place where we’re definitely trying to work harder with all of our partners,” said Pandora SVP of ad product sales Lizzie Widhelm. “How do we quantify ROI there when it’s a cookieless environment?”

Bleacher Features?

Turner bought the sports site Bleacher Report four years ago for $175 million and now plans to invest an additional $100 million with a focus on video, Mike Shields reports for The Wall Street Journal. The investment is about equal to Bleacher’s total revenue for 2015 (according to one unnamed source). More. What makes Turner so sure of its opportunity? For one, the brand doesn’t have a strong YouTube presence yet, so there’s plenty of white space. For another, ESPN is back on its heels – which could mean sports sponsorship dollars will soon be up for grabs.

App Ages

The mobile app research and analytic company App Annie released its app engagement and strategy report on Thursday. The analysis is especially focused on how campaigns should be tailored to different generational usage trends. Smartphone users aged 13-24 are waaaay ahead of their elders in terms of overall data consumption, but prefer shorter sessions throughout the day and are likely to have abandoned email in favor of messaging. The meat-and-potatoes age group of 25-44-year-olds is, unsurprisingly, the in-app spending engine. But for marketers, “strategies appropriate for the 13-24 age group may soon work for 25-44.” Older age groups seem less attractive for acquisition and product development, but App Annie notes strong engagement and an underserved market.

Dream Buyer

“I did no due diligence, and I did not negotiate,” Jeff Bezos says of the $250 million that the Washington Post cost him, per a long profile in Fortune. Read it. Bezos has no active role at the paper, but has pushed hard for a more customer-centric and tech-savvy approach when it comes to things like page load times, subscription sign-ups and analytics. That reader advocacy has paid off. Since Bezos swooped in, monthly web visitors have more than doubled to 73.4 million.

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