Optimizing AdMeld Style With Co-Founder Ben Barokas

Yield Optimizer AdMeld with Co-Founder Ben BarokasBen Barokas is co-founder and chief revenue officer at New York City-based AdMeld.

AdExchanger.com: How many participating publishers does AdMeld have?

Ben: AdMeld has about 50 publisher customers, including The Huffington Post and WorldNow. The rest are comprised of a variety of big names which we can’t talk about publicly just yet, but hope to announce soon. You can read more about Huffington Post here: http://www.admeld.com/news.html.

What is your target publisher market? Can any publisher participate?

AdMeld exclusively serves large, premium publishers. Our system produces optimal results for publishers with at least 50 million remnant impressions a month—though most of our customers have many more than that.

Do you consider your company’s model full-service or self-service?

We are a full-service company.

What are the advantages of a yield optimization company?

There are three main advantages to using AdMeld. First, we increase publishers’ revenue from remnant inventory—typically by 30% to 300% for AdMeld customers. Second, we save publishers’ time and resources by providing consolidated network reporting and delivering a single network revenue check each month. Third, we protect publishers’ brands with services and tools that minimize channel conflict, inappropriate ads, etc.

What are the advantages of your company’s offerings among all the yield optimization companies?

AdMeld is the only ad network optimization company that’s exclusively focused on serving large, premium publishers. This shows itself in our technology, which was built to optimize ads in real time on heavy traffic, high frequency sites; our team, which is comprised entirely of publishing veterans; and our service ethic, which is white glove, 24/7. Large publishers trust us because we deliver results and we understand their challenges first-hand.

Explain your company’s revenue model.

We collect a 10-15% fee on the gross revenue our customers generate through our platform.

Can advertisers or ad networks buy through your company?

Yes, ad networks can purchase inventory from our clients through our platform. Advertisers have also expressed interest in this capability as well.

If not, will either of these two be able to purchase through your company someday?

As we said above, currently networks can purchase through our platform. When it comes to advertisers, we’ll explore that direction if our publishers want us to, but we don’t plan on getting out ahead of our customers with that type of functionality.

What kinds of inventory are you “optimizing”? Static display, text? Rich media? Video?

Currently we’re “optimizing” display ads.

How do you see advertising exchanges impacting your business now and in the future?

We’re big believers in decreasing friction in the marketplace and giving publishers lots of options—that’s why we integrate with all the exchanges.

Can your yield optimization service be integrated with other ad management platforms?

Absolutely—AdMeld is compatible with every major ad management platform. We’re agnostic in that way.

Where do you see your company’s product line evolving in the next 18-24 months?

We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the works, including a bunch of enhancements to our optimization engine and tools to give our publishers even more clarity into their inventory. That’s our primary focus today and in the future—allowing publishers to maximize their ad revenues while minimizing the operational risks and complexities.

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