• White Label Exchange Product From Axonix Aims To Empower The Publisher

    Demand-side platforms (DSPs) have dominated the exchange world for a long time now. But Telefonica-backed mobile exchange Axonix is looking to change that dynamic with the launch of a white-label product that will allow publishers to create their own branded mobile exchanges. “This is about swinging the power pendulum back from the demand side, where […]

  • Axonix CEO: “Mobile Will Appear Out Of Nowhere in LatAm”

    The sad tale of mobile ad exchange Mobclix, which was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2013 after being acquired — and mismanaged — by mobile agency Velti, seems like it could have a happy ending. In November, Mobclix was acquired yet again, re-emerging several months ago as Axonix, a programmatic mobile exchange underpinned by the […]

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  • Mobclix Returns As Axonix

    Mobclix, the mobile ad exchange that was acquired and subsequently sold by the troubled mobile marketing agency Velti, re-emerged Tuesday as Axonix. GSO Capital Partners, a division of Blackstone, bought Velti’s US, British and Indian mobile marketing divisions (including Mobclix) in November last year. Axonix will officially launch next month in a partnership with Telefonica, […]

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