The Big Story: A Supply Shortage In Programmatic CTV

The Big Story podcast

Connected TV has arrived – a bit earlier than programmers may have expected.

The pandemic-related boom in streaming, along with record TV upfronts, means there’s going to be a “wild Q4” ahead as programmatic buyers scramble for access to streaming inventory.

One key issue is that CTV measurement capabilities aren’t developed enough yet, noted Kelly Metz, Omnicom Media Group managing director of advanced TV activation, and a guest on The Big Story this week. To get both the inventory access and the measurement agencies need, they are developing their own tools and pushing hard in upfront negotiations.

But advertising isn’t the only area scrambling to meet a boom in CTV. Have you tried streaming the Olympics? A few days into the Tokyo Olympics, AdExchanger editors talk through some of the pain points of the current streaming experience as the industry enters an awkward phase of transition between linear and streaming.

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1 Comment

  1. Are CTV measurement capabilities developed enough yet??

    The answer is a resounding yes! Accurate and scalable CTV measurement is already here.
    Intent IQ powers thousands of CTV campaign attribution by enabling CTV/OTT view through attribution measurement, by utilizing
    its unique next-gen Identity graph technology using complex AI algorithms and deterministic signals enable matching of ad delivered over CTV/OTT and streaming devices including game consoles to the household’s online devices in real-time with an amazing lookback window – up months from the ad delivery.
    Regardless of the devices’ environment, whether a conversion is done on cookie-based, cookie-less, MAID based, or MAID-less.
    Intent IQ’s CTV/OTT graph facilitates CTV/OTT targeting and attribution using online and offline data for over 110M households in North America with outstanding accuracy ranging from 92%-97% measured deterministically with 4M different samples every 24 hours.
    Stop guessing CTV/OTT measurement; it’s time you see it for what it is.