CPM Advisors CEO Leathern Discusses BlueKai Integration Into CPMatic And Data Trends

CPM Advisors and BlueKaiDemand-side platform provider, CPM Advisors, announced a partnership today with BlueKai today which it says uniquely offers clients access to BlueKai’s in-market data directly within CPM Advisor’s CPMatic media buying platform. To date, CPM Advisors has been a part of BlueKai’s Certification program. Read the release.

AdExchanger.com spoke to CPM Advisors CEO Rob Leathern more about what this release means.

AdExchanger.com: How is this announced partnership different than the way a DSP works with BlueKai today such as the BlueKai Certification program?

RL: Our platform is an open self-service way to buy media and data, which means that we can bring a much wider range of advertisers to try BlueKai data via CPMatic.com, applying our media buying optimization system to make it work for buyers. Anyone can sign up and create an account right now and quickly be running retargeting or behavioral campaigns across a number of providers. You still have to ask us to enable your account for behavioral buying (retargeting is set), but that will be a standard option within the next two weeks.

AdExchanger.com: Are there specific vertical datasets which are popular with CPMa clients these days? Any that we might not expect?

RL: We see good demand for a variety of other data in the B2B space, tech, shopping and adult education. We are always communicating with our data partners like BlueKai and eXelate on what we’re hearing in the market and they’re usually very responsive and we believe that competition to create new data segments is good for advertisers. A few different education data segments are available via our platform today, for example.

AdExchanger.com: When buying media with data appended, could you make some general estimates regarding how you buy? – is it through ad networks, ad exchanges, direct-to-publisher buys?

RL: Most of our data buys are via ad exchanges and large aggregated sources, though we also do run behavioral campaigns across other media buys that we are doing when it makes sense and is okay with the publisher. Some sources will integrate data into their own supply platforms, others not – we think it’s about finding the best combination of media and data via the most efficient avenue, for the client to get the results they want.

By John Ebbert

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