Predictions for 2011: Publishers – Kirk McDonald, Time Inc. 2011 Predictions: Kirk McDonald, Time reached out to the digital advertising community for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

The following predictions are from Kirk McDonald, President, Digital, Time Inc.

  • I predict the industry will continue to work hard to find ways to make it easier to buy and sell digital media. Some innovations are adding more complexity to the ecosystem. But, the ecosystem is already too complex. We really need innovations that will make everything easier.
  • Data finally gets that “day job” that we have heard everyone talk about. Additionally, the importance shifts from raw quantitative metrics, and becomes more sophisticated with analysis and insights that can be useful for qualitative evaluations. Data also realizes that it has to connect offline and online to really have value to senior level marketers who have to take a holistic view of the media strategies.
  • The pendulum corrects a little from the current over-dependence on “algorithmic advertising”… I love math in media as much as the next person, but the thought that media is all math is wrong. It’s about people with lives and soul and energy, and we need to have creative ideas and innovation in advertising to make meaningful connections with people. Getting the right message in front of the right person means that we have to make sure that we’ve put as much energy and innovation into the message as we think we have put into the delivery.
  • Everybody needs new friends. Not only will we see consolidation happening, but we will see some strange alliances form to create differentiation and compete. The point solutions need partners to really be of significant value to buyers or sellers. We will see the re-emergence of the General Contractor role for advertising technology solutions, as some players will bring together best of breed partners to meet buyer and seller needs.

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