Mpire Announces AdXpose API; CRO Winfield Discusses Pricing and Services Layer

AdXposeMpire announced a new API which provides “advanced reporting capabilities” from AdXpose, Mpire’s campaign verification and optimization technology, on such data points as domain verification, location on the page, geographic location of the user, user demographic and page or site context.  Read the release.

Mpire President and CRO Kirby Winfield shared his thoughts with about the evolution of the AdXpose product and the API. What’s the pricing like for the API? And, are you moving away from offering a services layer for the AdXpose product at Mpire?

KW: Pricing will be an incremental CPM fee on top of the base service fee. We will basically offer API access at or near “cost” – it is meant to be a value-add to our ad server, network, and DSP clients. We are in no way moving away from the services layer, however. On the contrary, we are currently hiring technical account managers  to help service our clients and prospects: because we provide so much more than just simple verification reports, it’s crucial that we make it easy for our clients to understand the implications of the data and make human decisions in addition to any algorithmic decisions made leveraging the API.

What about API integration? Is this difficult for groups that may be less technically skilled such as some agencies, for example?

We are finding that most agencies now have the ability and desire to integrate data from multiple sources into their dashboards, reports, and decisioning engines. As Google VP of Product Management Susan Wojcicki said today at the IAB Leadership Meeting, “if you’re using spreadsheets to manage campaigns, you’re leaving dollars on the table.” The holding company agency DSP’s are especially well positioned to integrate the API, and we work with the majority of these entities today.

How is Mpire’s AdXpose media business progressing? And how does this API release affect it or say about the company’s media business?

The media business is largely a sandbox for continued development of our AdXpose Analytics technology. Sitting on a consistent volume of directly purchased impressions (we do not buy from or compete in any way with ad networks – in fact, some buy from us) allows us to test new features in real time without using clients as guinea pigs. That stated, it’s the technology and our technology clients that drive the enterprise value for our business, and that’s the side of the business that gets the lion’s share of our investment. To that end, the API release is simply further confirmation of our commitment to creating the leading brand safety and display ad analytics company online.

By John Ebbert

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