Monaco Media Forum Video And The Google Of Analytics

Below is video from a panel moderated by Simulmedia's Dave Morgan (the former Tacoda and Real Media founder) from last week's Monaco Media Forum. Among the highlights, Morgan required each panelist to pick a current company that will serve as a future model of how they want their business to evolve in the next few years:

  • comScore CEO Magid Abraham said he wants his company to become the "Google of Analytics"
  • Eran Shir of Dapper (recently acquired by Yahoo!) said that Yahoo! should be "Google for the Web" instead of the "Google for Search" only.
  • Steve Hasker, president at Nielsen, said "I want to be a vastly improved Nielsen combined with elements of McKinsey"
  • Jeff Levick from Aol says he wants his company to be like CondeNast and have world-class individuals that program and curate content.

You can see all the video from the forum on Monaco Media Forum's YouTube channel.


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