Predictions for 2011: Global 2011 Predictions: reached out to companies based beyond North American borders who concentrate on growing their data-driven, digital businesses regionally as well as internationally and asked them for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

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Andres Alterini, Co-Founder & CEO, Smowtion (Argentina)

  • More focus on supply instead of demand. 100% of inventory is sold. The real challenge is the price!
  • More proprietary technology platforms adding value optimizing eCPM’s for advertisers AND publishers.
  • Advertisers need more customers (Audience) and not more web sites to advertise! Facebook will teach us how to evolve in online advertising audiences.
  • The large dinosaurs will try to enter into the digital business like never before with strong focus on M&A

Simon Aurik, CCO, Yieldivision Europe

  • European advertising market will grow > 20%
  • Advertisers will take more control on their insights which will have enormous impact on budgets for agencies
  • A significant number of traditional agencies will drop 25% in FTE
  • Data availability within the European market will explode
  • 40% of all publishers are facing challenges to increase revenues
  • Ad exchange inventory can get ready for a increase of > 200%  – In a year RTB will account for 25% on display
  • Mobile internet usage will gain > 14% on desktop usage

Sacha Berlik, CEO, Mexad (Europe)

  • 2011 will be the year of the European data-driven-marketplace.
  • Data driven display is still niche when it comes to press coverage. You can count all articles about RTB in Europe in 2010 on two hands. (Excluding in the UK and in Germany)
  • I see great success for Ad Exchanges & SSPs in most European countries.
  • Germany and France are quite similar in terms of getting a first understanding what the data driven marketplace means. Rubicon is already in Paris & Hamburg, Admeld has its Hamburg office, Invite acts as secretive as Google always does, and so on – Germany and France are in the same evolutionary stage, trying to catch up with the UK.
  • Central Europe is moving fast. Southern Europe will adopt it 1-2 years later, and the Nordics don’t really need it due to limited inventory. Eastern Europe is waking up very, very fast – and it seems as 2011 will be the year for Eastern Europe, too.
  • Main obstacle of growth in Europe will be to find the right people to operate the automated space. However it’s not as new a market as PPC was in 2001. It’s the first time that new technologies are entering the existing market, but you need experienced people to operate them.

Andy Cocker, Co-founder/ Managing Partner, Infectious Media (UK)

  • 2010 was the year of the DSP and RTB infrastructural innovation. Expect 2011 to see the next wave of marketer focused product innovation coming from demand side service/tech hybrid businesses.
  • Most advertisers are only scratching the surface of what is possible via database
    integrations and segmentations. 2011 will see greater customization and integration of  advertiser data sets into RTB powered valuation and optimization engines.
  • As marketers take greater control of their data, expect to see them demanding and  adopting more sophisticated models for conversion attribution (beyond last click). This  will unlock greater upper funnel marketing budgets.
  • The industry will proactively engage in public dialogue around cookie based ad
    targeting. Consumers will be better informed on the ‘value exchange’ of data usage versus free content and will have visibility and choice around what/how and if.

Yann LeRoux, Matiro (France)

My predictions for 2011 in France and continental Europe:

  • Some of the large media agencies will announce media trading offerings, backed by white-labeled, managed services provided by DSP companies, and likely arbitrage with little or no financial transparency.
  • Everyone will brand themselves a media trader, whatever type of display he/she works with.
  • A dozen new acronyms and a 3D ecosystem map

Matthias Pantke, CEO, AdScale (Germany)

  • Automated Data Driven Audience Buying vs. Guaranteed Content Driven Media Buying: The share of audience buying will increase even more, thus strengthening the position of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Sell Side Platforms (SSPs) and Ad Exchanges.
  • Within that context, prices on AAA+ web properties remain under pressure whereas price levels on high volume sites (eg social media) will increase.
  • The combination of data, pricing levels and technology will continue to make display advertising more effective thus driving the growth in that segment of the online marketing mix.
  • Video will continue to be a key driver of online marketing growth as more and more video content is licensed by producers to websites on a ad revenue share basis.

Sebastiaan Schepers, COO, BannerConnect (Netherlands)

  • All Digital advertisments will become auctionable.
  • Display, Search, TV, Mobile devices and even digital outdoor commercials will all be served through auction-based platforms. Among other things this will make conversion attribution more sustainable, enlarge scale for advertisers and simplify Media buying. In the future specialists in auction based trading can act in the roll as advisor, media buyer, technology and service provider for traditional agencies, big brands and TV stations.

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