Altice’s A4 Lets Marketers Access More TV Data Via A Partnership With Vizio’s Inscape

Deep breaths: Altice USA’s advanced TV unit, A4, has partnered with Vizio’s Inscape data sales division to simplify cross-platform audience.

A4, which launched in April, is an advanced TV product designed to position ads across digital and connected TV screens on both local and national inventory. A4’s data, which comes from Altice USA subscribers, allows marketers to target their ads more effectively.

Inscape, which sells data from Vizio connected TVs, has access to set-top box data from about 8 million television sets.

This new collaboration between Inscape and A4 gives advertisers much more audience data to mull over when they’re considering a buy across multiple platforms. A4’s data also brings powerhouse information to the table.

“To really be able to help our clients’ plans between channels. we need the full scope in what we’re calling the ‘premium TV landscape,’” John Povey, SVP of marketing and analytics at A4, told AdExchanger. “That’s where folks like Inscape can really come in and help us be able to optimize where the most [viewing] time is being spent. That will ultimately [inform] how we stitch our campaign results back together.”

Inscape has been on a roll lately, picking up partners left and right. In July, the company teamed up with video ad startup VideoAmp. In June, Snap’s location company, Placed, partnered with Inscape to license its viewership data.

With all this forward momentum, it’s easy to forget that just a year ago Inscape’s parent company, Vizio, paid the Federal Trade Commission a $2.2 million settlement after it was discovered the company did not provide consumers an opt-in for sharing data.

In any case, it seems Inscape is back in the game.

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