Online Publishers Can Get Private Data Exchange Thru eXelate Says CRO Zagorski

eXelateData exchange eXelate announced that it’s putting the power in the hands of publishers by allowing them to create “stand-alone, exclusive, transparent data exchanges” for advertisers and agencies. Through eXelate, publishers control who gets access to its data according to the release. Read it.

eXelate CRO Mark Zagorski discussed the announcement. Please define what you mean by “private marketplace.” And, how is this different than a “private exchange”?

MZ: eXelate’s Private Marketplace is part of our Data Management suite that provides online publishers with their own private exchange, enabling them to create a new revenue stream by directly managing access to their data for advertisers, agencies, and ad networks. The creation of the system was driven by feedback from data buyers asking for more transparency in the buying process, and by data sellers who wanted to create their own sales relationships outside of the eXchange environment, in which they could control access, promotion and pricing.

Publishers using eXelate’s new offering can market targeted data pools, set prices, and even close data transactions – on their terms. Beyond this, they can now provide data source transparency while making pixel management more efficient and reducing latency. Furthermore, publishers can centralize all of their consumer privacy functions in a single implementation, making it easier to adhere to industry standards by offering consumers a single management point for their data.

How do publishers make money with the Private Marketplace Solution?

Publishers who have been reluctant to participate in the traditional data exchange models now have a way to create audience extension relationships directly with their key advertisers and agency partners. For example, if a publisher wants to enable hand-selected accounts to have the ability to target branded segments based on their data, they can do so and charge a fee (which they set) for this data. It enables transparent, one-to-one relationships between publisher data suppliers and both current and future partners.

Is this service available on a per site basis to publishers? According to audience size? Rev share? How does pricing work?

Yes, the solution is available on a per publisher basis as long as the publisher has scale that would enable a feasible market for their data. eXelate partners with the site to set up their “storefront” and works with their teams to generate new data revenue. We share in this upside based on a set of usage fees that make sure we are both driven to make their efforts a

What kind of reporting is available?

We have tried to mimic the media buying and reporting functions of an ad server as closely as possible, as that is what both sides of the process are most familiar with. Through the system, buyers have access to detailed pre- and post-buy reporting including segment size, reach, delivery, pricing, campaign cost, etc. Sellers can create campaign-by-campaign billing
reports, track data sales by segment, review direct vs. eXchange sales and even get a snapshot of the demographic, interest and purchase intent characteristics of their own audiences via an overlap analysis available in the system interface.

In terms of privacy legislation, does the Private Marketplace address any of these concerns? How?

This is one of the most exciting aspects of the system. As pending legislation could potentially make compliance from a publisher perspective pretty onerous, eXelate’s Data Management tools in the Private Marketplace simplify the entire process. Our Private Marketplace enables a publisher to centralize privacy features such as notice, profile modification and opt-out via a single implementation. For example, without our offering, a publisher providing data or retargeting via a third party pixel to a dozen different
ad networks / agencies would need to provide a dozen separate opt-out links and references to a dozen different profile modification pages (if they were even offered) to comply with industry standards. With eXelate’s Private Marketplace, the publisher implements a single tag on their page which centralizes all pixel drops and standardizes the profile modification and
opt-out process making it available on a single page / link.

By John Ebbert

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