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  • Ad Network Vizi Catches Publisher's Ad Serving Fraud on Video

    After complaints about malware and pornographic ads on its network, Vizi came out with a video yesterday which addresses publisher fraud. As you may recall, Vizi claims that ad network Oridian was serving unwanted pornographic ads via the Right Media Exchange, but has since cut Oridian loose from its network chain. Ad Operations Online’s Otilia […]

  • Loathing Ad Networks Sponsored by the OPA

    This past week, iMedia’s semi-annual, pay-to-play, U.S. Brand Summit featured sponsored content from the Online Publishers Association (OPA), led by Pam Horan, which was intended to persuade brand marketers and, consequently, agency media buyers that there was no “future” like the “single site buy future.” The OPA’s argument goes something like this: “Sure, Ms. Brand […]

  • Ad Age Wonders if Blind Networks Can Save Web Ads?

    It’s true. Dinosaur marketing and advertising publisher, Advertising Age, suggests that “blind networks” may be able to save “premium” content publishers and their CPMs. Hallelujah. Examples of Ad Age saviors include Short Tail Media and with Yahoo!’s former Senior Vice President of Business Operations, Elizabeth Blair, and the former Vice President of Global Pricing […]

  • Adversarial Networks? Premium Content Publishers Run Scared

    The genie is out of the bottle. Premium content publishers and their direct sales team are out for blood (or so they seem) on Silicon Alley Insider as the “evil” ad networks have plundered their premium kingdoms and hired their women and children. In the comments to SAI’s coverage of an AdAge piece, direct sellers […]

  • Google: Million Advertisers Now; Next Stop Billion

    One MILLION advertisers. The Google monolith has a million advertisers and that was just in 2007 according to the New York Times, Miguel Helft. Good god, man. Imagine what they have now? We surrender! Over at UBS, which has apparently survived the financial system’s freefall, internet stocks analyst, Ben Schachter, puts today’s number closer to […]

  • Glam Media Cuts Back On Salaries; GlamX Exchange Flounders

    As reported yesterday by Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, Glam Media is scaling back its expenses according to internal email (but external, too!) in the form of reduced compensation for its salaried employees ranging from 3-15%.  Executives will receive up to 60% reduction in salary which might be offset by bonuses if things aren’t so bad […]

  • Right Media Blog Makes Rare Post; Announces New Partner

    It would seen that the few advertising exchange blogs that exist took a summer hiatus but yesterday, Right Media’s blog came alive (courtesy of Becca Bullack in Publisher Solutions?) with an announcement regarding a new ad network partner, Meta Network, which has plugged into the exchange. For the little publisher, the Meta Network opportunity will […]

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