Del Monte Foods’ Chavez Says Demand-Side Platforms Make Sense For Brands

Del MonteDoug Chavez leads digital marketing for all Del Monte Foods brands. He discussed online display advertising and the opportunity for brand marketers with Is online display becoming more important to the marketer? Or is it a “backwater”?

DC: The importance of display in an advertiser’s planning will vary for brands and DR advertising goals.  I don’t believe display is a “backwater” for anyone, especially as display technology continues to get more sophisticated.  I believe display will always have a distinctive role in the communications mix.

What’s your view on ad exchanges? For example, are brand marketers ready to run awareness campaigns through exchanges? If so, under what conditions?

For brands buying impressions in “tonnage”, I think it makes a lot of sense for brands to use a DSP.  Using exchanges to help aggregate “true” target audiences is a intriguing proposition; one that warrants testing and better understanding. My hunch is most brands will see positive results and adopt quickly.

How do you handle success metrics across channels both digital and non?  Are you measuring the impact of, say, an online video ad on your print campaign which leads to a conversion?

We work closely with our multi-discipline teams to determine how and what we measure.  The important part here is that digital marketing professionals need to truly understand measurement across channels to see how digital is impacting the marketing investment vs. just looking from campaign-to-campaign.  Digital marketers that don’t spend the time doing this analysis will forever be playing catch up and having a hard time getting more investment in the digital channel.

How have consumer privacy concerns affected your thoughts on using cookies to target audience?

Transparency is the name of the game. Brand marketers shouldn’t be afraid to use cookies or other technologies, however, they should be concerned with being at the forefront of a consumer-trust initiative.  The IAB is doing some excellent work in this area but marketers truly need to understand this and join the conversation.

If you could have the ad tech world build you a tool to help you with your digital marketing, and you didn’t have to pay for it, what would it be?

An intuitive, centralized reporting and management dashboard for all of my communications, for all my brands, such as CRM, Social, Paid Media, Search, Coupons, DFSIs, etc.

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