Lotame’s Reich On New DSP Phenomena; UK Ad Exchange Optimism; Forrester Promising Demand-Side Platform Research; Display Ads In Your Sleep Are Next

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DSP InefficiencyEfficiency Kills

From his company’s blog, Lotame’s Dan Reich references a recent manifesto/post by the IAB’s Randall Rothenberg who said, “technology succeeds in driving the cost of reaching the perfect audience down to zero.” Reich identifies a growing phenomena in the new demand-side platform world that “when you bid on an impression, in all likelihood, you are bidding on yourself, for the same piece of inventory.” He thinks there is decreased efficiency! Blasphemy? Or, another version of cookie wars? Read it.

DSP Research Ahead

DSP Marketing chiefs – ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! Emily Riley is promising that research is ahead from Forrester on the growing demand-side platform (DSP) space. In teeing up her DSP research, Riley gets emotional about ad networks saying on the Forrester blog, “I have a soft spot for the ‘good kind’ of ad networks, those who keep the advertiser and publisher interests in mind, who strive for good quality advertisements and content, and who have killer optimization and targeting technology.” Read more about what’s coming.

UK Looking To Exchanges In 2010

Will Cooper and Charlotte McEleny of MarketingWeek team to poll UK media types for their thoughts on media momentum for 2010. Stefan Bardega, MD of MediaCom’s Beyond Advertising unit, tells MarketingWeek, ““The important thing next year will be the inventory going through ad exchanges. It might not be a massive percentage but everyone will be testing them. A lot of people are saying it’ll change the way media is traded. It’s appealing because it’s an auction model so it isn’t a fixed price and you only pay what media is worth.” And, there’s more.

“I’m Melting!”

A recent, annual National Venture Capital Association’s survey of the VC community finds that VC are starting to look over their shoulder to see if they’re next. Anthony Ha of VentureBeat reviews the study and comments, “The chorus declaring that the venture capital industry is shrinking now includes 90 percent of VCs.” See the study on VentureBeat.

Local Rubber Meets The Road

CEO Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates says, “Local media that tied their ad sales too closely to their legacy broadcast and print businesses saw negative growth for online. Those that didn’t, saw terrific growth. Next year will be the year that many of them might be officially left behind.” Bold words, D’Artagnan! Read the release that names Yodle, Reply.com and Local.com as among the companies that won’t get left behind.

Behavioral For B2B Pubs

Inflection Point Media CEO Chris Hulse (AdExchanger.com Q&A) made his educational pitch to B2B publishers considering the pleasures of behavioral advertising in a recent American Business Media webinar. Hulse provides the basics to what was likely a newbie audience just getting their cookies wet. See the PowerPoint presentation.

Yahoo! Interests Revealed

On his Zeronomy blog, CPM Advisors CEO Rob Leathern unveils his recent experience with Yahoo!’s new Interests Manager where “your interests (are) based on your search and other activity on the Yahoo! Network.” His findings give an interesting view into how Yahoo!’s behavioral (presumably SmartAds) technology works. Read it.

Retargeting For Retailers

Choice Stream has released “Retargeting Success: A Guide to Getting Results
with Personalized Retargeting” which gives the basics on retargeting and what it can do for online retailers who’ve never tasted the sweet nectar of remarketing. PDF download with signup here.

Attribution Amps Spend

Chantal Todé of DM News talks attribution with digital attribution management company, ClearSaleing, and their American Greetings client who says in regards to a recent search campaign, “Now that we (American Greetings) are able to see more of how our efforts translate to site orders, it gives us confidence to spend.” Todé observes, “American Greetings has shifted its focus from optimizing keywords to optimizing landing pages.” Read more.

Online Ads Are Kinda Better

“8,500 senior advertising, marketing and media executives” can’t be wrong. MediaPost’s Eric Sass covers Round2 Communications recent survey that takes the temperature of the media business and finds that “33.9% said ROI for new media is “somewhat” better than traditional, and 28.2% said new media’s ROI is “significantly” better.” The other 37.9%? Read the article.

Cookie Your Sleep

Yes, you can. Courtesy of a Brian Morrissey tweet, you can now track your sleep and exercise through a company called Fitbit. The technology to serve ads into people’s dreams is just around the corner! See it.

Board Games For The Elite

Rapleaf’s CEO Auren Hoffman is taking his data-break over a board game called “Settlers,” which is the latest craze among Silicon Valley elite according to Pui-Wing Tam of The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, this same, Silicon Valley elite is evidently “using cards representing bricks and other resources to build cities and roads.” Outrageous. Get board here.

AdMob Opens AdWhirl

AdMob pushed ahead with the open sourcing of AdWhirl – its former competitor and mobile ad network aggregator. Even though the Google deal is still not closed, Google must have approved this. In providing “open source versions of the AdWhirl iPhone SDK and AdWhirl Server,” MocoNews’ Tricia Duryee says that this will let developers have better transparency and control of which network(s) they use through the AdWhirl system. Read it.