IAB On Display Ads, Performance Pricing Momentum; Ad Network Tatto Media Sold; Adconion Adds COO

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Online Ads Up; Performance Reigns

The IAB has released new U.S. online ad spending statistics for the full year and Q4 of 2010 and PaidContent’s David Kaplan notes how quickly online ad biz appears to be growing in comparison to the rest of the U.S. economy, “Total online ad revenues for 2010 hit $26 billion – another record – up 15 percent from 2009.” Read more from PaidContent. Display “banner ad” revenue was up another $1 billion plus (24% over 2009) to $6.2 billion in 2010 according to the IAB. Read their press release. Perhaps most interesting is the continued momentum in performance-based pricing vs. impression-based. And, download the report (PDF).

Another Ad Network Sells

Following the sale of ad network Burst Media last Friday, on Monday, ad network Tatto Media (AdExchanger.com Q&A) was acquired by mobile app developer and Hong Kong-based Ozura World, which claims the acquisition gives the combined companies global reach. According to the press release, Ozura’s major markets are in “Asia (and) include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines. Ozura World has representative offices in 8 countries around the world.” Read more. TechCrunch notes some of Tatto’s checkered past here including getting banned from Facebook.

Transformation Tips

Razorfish has published a new paper titled, “Razorfish 5: Five Technologies That Will Transform Your Business.” Among the five are the suddenly-popular “Near Field Communication” (NFC) and “Marketing in the Age of Big Data” (MITAOBD) as the press release explains the latter, “With new cloud-based tools and techniques, businesses can finally translate those trillion rows of data into a better and more targeted conversation with consumers.” Read the release. And, view the full report on razorfish5.com. Or, just download it here (PDF).

The Incredible, Expanding Ad

MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan says that Google is testing “Media Ads,” or expandable rich media ads for movies, in search results. Google director of media and entertainment Adam Stewart said as much and outline features (geo-location and more) at a ThinkMovie event in Hollywood according to Sullivan. Read more. The most engaging graphical display is gradually creeping into Google’s precious search results.

Executive Prognostication

All Things D’s Kara Swisher thinks Akamai prez and Yahoo! board member David Kenny is the “obvious” choice as new CEO of Yahoo!. She posits, “Kenny is the full package of ad and tech experience that would make him an obvious Yahoo CEO candidate when Bartz’s contract is up in early 2013, if not before.” Read more about his package.

Too Many Ad Tech Companies

Brand.net COO Andy Atherton agrees with what angel investor Jerry Neumann said in a recent interview on AdExchanger.com regarding the need for more talent and fragmenting supply and demand relationships. But, Atherton thinks there’s something else going on, too, as he writes on his company’s blog, “The reason things continue to fragment is largely that there are too many tech companies making too many pitches to too many media buyers and sellers that are still coming up the learning curve.” Read more.

Advertising Porn Stars

Nothing like subtitle-bait. In an homage to the benefits of the porn industry, Levelwing’s Steve Parker looks at how adult entertainment has provided ad innovations in a piece on iMedia Connection. Parker identifies the following as proof points: “Video Downloads & Streaming, Electronic Billing, Digital Rights Management, Pop-up Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Wireless Content Delivery, Geo-location Software.” Naughty naughty. Read more.


A new, cool inforgraphic – you know you love ’em – from a site called DigitalSurgeons.com shows a breakdown of the social demographics of Twitter (skews older) and Facebook. Absorb it. The Analytics Arbitrage blog says about the graphic, “Lots to take in from this – could look at it for hours!”

You’re Hired!

Adconion has announced that CEO Tyler Moebius has created a new COO role for Bruce Wiseman, who will “direct and manage Adconion’s operations, business development and strategy as it aims to aggressively scale its business in North America.” Before joining up with Adconion, Wiseman had been “EVP and CFO, leading finance and operations for Fox Audience Network.” Read the release.

Less Is More For VC

In answer to fellow VC Mark Suster’s question in a video interview on the investing biz, Foundry Group VC Brad Feld says, “It’s interesting that the question is pitch deck’s being obsolete versus business plans being obsolete. So very few investors want Business Plans any more. But, in fact, I would rather have an executive summary than a pitch deck.” Read or see the whole interview.

Making Videos

Over the past week, ad tech companies have been getting jiggy with their movie mojo and creating videos for wider consumption. Among them:

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