Greitzer On The Value Of Real-Time Bidding; RightMedia Transparency Survey En Route; TargetSpot And Cox Partner On Online Radio Ads

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The RTB Deal

On ClickZ, Razorfish’s Matt Greitzer takes a look at real-time bidding and explains the audience-buying meaning: “Real-time bidding, for sure, represents an opportunity to extend micro-segmentation and price de-averaging to the extreme… But, marketers and agencies should be clear on where, specifically, value is created; it is segmentation and pricing that will make RTB a success.” Read more.

Underhyping The Startup

Angel Investor Chris Dixon identifies a new trend where moneymaking startups want to stay relatively stealthy after they take investment and while they build revenues. Dixon explains, these startups will announce themselves when “they are already so successful that it’s hard for competitors to jump in. Read more.

More Transparency

Megan Bergholdt, Head of Consulting at RightMedia, announces on the Right Media blog that Right Media is so concerned about transparency that it has taken a survey among partners called, “Right Media’s Supply Transparency Survey,” which will provide insight on the inventory of at least “18 of the Exchange’s biggest supply partners.” Results are on the way in the next few weeks. Read more.

TargetSpot and Cox

TargetSpot announced a deal to manage Cox Media Group’s internet (PC-based) and mobile radio in-stream media. “CMG’s 82 Web sites and 86 radio stations, covering 19 markets across the United States, will be integrated into TargetSpot’s advertising network,” according to the release. Read more. Given Cox’s purchase of Adify a couple of years ago to enable its network of web properties (and more), anyone else see TargetSpot as another potential target for Cox?

Top 25 Tech Analysts

Lists makes things so easy, don’t they? Here’s a list of the top 25 tech analysts in the media. Rob Enderle of Enderle Group is at the top with over 400 mentions in the media in the past 6 months. See the other 24 on IT Memos. (source: @MissMandyK)

RightMedia Shortcomings

Kevin Lee of DidIt discusses RightMedia Exchange’s retargeting capabilities in comparison to Google as well as the RightMedia feature set with MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan. Sullivan writes, “It doesn’t appear Yahoo built the platform (RMX) for SEM agencies looking for better control, but rather for agencies that provide the service as an add-on option whose clients don’t mind plunking down $1 million without finely optimizing the campaign.” Read it.

The Google Killer (Edition 124,569)

Joe Mele (VP at Dialogic) says on his personal blog that the Apple iPad could be a “Google killer.” Mele points to the experience he had last weekend with his iPad: “I had just spent hours consuming content, connecting with brands I like, and discovering new and wonderful things to do with my iPad. And I never opened my browser.” Read more. Need more iPad? See MDC Partners’ CEO Miles Nadal discuss its affect on the ad industry on Bloomberg. View it.

Yahoo! And Foursquare

The Business Insider says that Yahoo! is considering buying Foursquare for $100 million. It’s all rumorville for now. Read about it.

Yelp Looking For Transparency

Yelp is looking to instill a bit more transparency in its advertising model as three lawsuits and myriad complaints have led to a change. According to the WSJ Venture Capital Dispatch blog, users will be able to click to see all hidden reviews, and “favorite reviews” will be eliminated. Read more.

Digg Killing Iframe

Kevin Rose says the iFrame is the devil and Digg is no longer going to give it its due. Rose writes on the Digg blog, “Framing content with an iFrame is bad for the Internet. It causes confusion when bookmarking, breaks w/iFrame busters, and has no ability to communicate with the lower frame (if you browse away from a story, the old digg count still persists). It’s an inconsistent/wonky user experience.” Hence, it’s dead. (source: graphs of wrath)

VC Dream

VC Roger Ehrenberg discusses “the greatest part of being a seed-stage investor: having a positive impact on the vision and execution strategy of the entrepreneur.” Read more.

You’re Hired!

Former AOL Vice President Matt Prohaska has been named CEO of online video ad network, Smartclip. Read the release. Meanwhile, at demand-side platform MediaMath, former Havas exec, Marta Martinez, is now MediaMath’s SVP of operations and business development. Read the release.