The Mobile Cookie; Driving To The Facebok Fan Page (Via The FB Ad Network); Publisher Splits In Two For Ads And Subscription

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The Mobile Cookie

MediaMind’s Dean Donaldson offers that Radio frequency identification (RFID) may be the cookie solution of the future for Mobile. MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan quotes Donaldson, “From a mobile marketing perspective, it’s a lot less expensive for retailers to use RFID rather than another location-based service because once you get inside a mall or office building the ability to triangulate using GSM or CDMA signals is tough.” Read more.

Driving To The Facebook Fan Page

AdWeek covers Ariana Huffington’s interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at Advertising Week in New York City. Sandberg says, “Some of the most successful marketers are doing more to tie their campaigns onto their Facebook pages because their customers are already there,” Sandberg said. “It’s easier to go where they are.” Just wait until the Facebook ad network starts rolling. Read more on AdWeek.

Digital Boston Globe Splits In Two

In the second-half of 2011, The Boston Globe announced it will be offering two distinct websites in order to address two audiences. will be for audiences who want their news for free -they’ll get the basics or commoditized news such as newswires. will be “designed to closely approximate the experience and content of reading the paper’s print version.” If successful, it could be inferred the demographics may skew in terms of those who have less, and those who have more (they’re paying after all), at the least. We’ll see! Read more.

Small Agency Scale

TRAFFIQ’s Scott Portugal provides advice to small agencies looking to overcome their biggest disadvantage – scale. Portugal offers, “Don’t rely only on demand-side platforms (DSPs) and real-time bidding (RTB), just because these are the current hot-button platforms of the day. That doesn’t mean these are the most effective means of buying to suit your clients.” See what he does advise on Digiday Daily.

3rd Quarter M&A Up

The Jordan-Edmiston Group (JEGI) announced its third-quarter 2010 report on mergers and acquisitions in the areas JEGI identifies as media, information, marketing services and technology sectors. And the news is good for M&A afficionados: “The number and value of M&A transactions in the first three quarters of 2010 increased 42% and 95%, respectively, over 2009 levels. The surge has been led by corporate buyers driving 86% of total transactions announced.” And there’s plenty of cash left on global balance sheets for more M&A fun. Download the report (PDF).

The Online GRPs Disconnect

Underscore Marketing’s Tom Hespos thinks that the newly-announced Nielsen reach and frequency GRP initiative sounds interesting but is concerned about a marketer disconnect in regards to digital and the GRP format. He writes, “Sure, advertisers do want to know that their predictive R/F/GRP models are reasonably close to what is delivered during the actual campaign, but I find that many digital stakeholders who believe that the R/F/GRP model sells digital short tend to make their arguments based on the notion of reach and frequency against demographics becoming an ongoing KPI.” Read more.

Restoring Online Anonymity

Rapleaf CEO Auren Hoffman offers a prescription for how “online services should use to raise the bar on online privacy.” He argues that Machine IDs are one issue because they can potentially “help customize the online experience for people based on past machine behavior. But this can be uniquely identifiable because people largely use the same computers.” Read more.

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