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Report: Apple ‘Replacing’ UDID; Yandex Targets TV Online; Facebook Ads Work Says comScore


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Apple’s New UDID

The Wall Street Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro says that Apple may be coming to the rescue of mobile ad developers (my words), and presumably mobile ad networks, who are looking for a targeting alternative to the UDID – or device ID used previously for iOS targeting. Vascellaro writes, “When Apple plans to discuss the new tracker remains unclear. But developers could receive some clues next week at the company’s developer conference in San Francisco, when they are expected to receive an early version of Apple’s next mobile operating system.” Read more (subscription). How this will relate to industry initiatives such as ODIN remains to be seen. The NY Times says mobile app developer are very dedicated to the iOS.

DNT Contingency

On iMedia Connection, Tom Hespos talks behavioral targeting (BT) contingency plans if Do-Not-Track is pushed through to the consumer in various ways. He writes, “You should be thinking about what your digital marketing plans look like in various scenarios, up to and including that Chaos Scenario: If Do Not Track starts to fly, and is adopted quickly, how does that affect things like targeting tactics and potential reach on your brand display plans?;..” There’s more.

TV Ads For Online Daze

DMP/DSP Turn is going to take its recent on-air investment which included TV spots in “Mad Men” and “the Pitch,” and create a case study about how online and on-air works together – or not. MediaPost’s Steve McClellan covers the news, “The ad will also air online both in video and display formats. Turn has created a hashtag, #Turndecisions, to encourage a dialogue about “split-second” decisions that people have made in their careers and to track social commentary about its campaign.” Read more. Undertone has already hit “the Pitch.” Interesting to see online ad companies reaching into traditional media mega (but-somewhat-targeted) reach. The message might be – “online is ready to accept TV ad dollars and offer similar brand metrics.” See the Turn ad on All Things D.

TV And Online Display

Russian search giant is making deals and pushing out display ad products, too. The latest, called “Digital Eye,” is in partnership with Publicis’ VivaKi. The press release says that “The new advertising method enables advertisers to differentiate specific segments of the web user audience depending on the amount of time they spend in front of their television sets.” Read more. The ‘secret sauce’ here is unclear, but the release goes on to claim the benefits, “Those web users who are likely to have already seen the ads on TV will be happy to only be reminded of the product, while those who are more likely to spend their time online rather than watching TV might benefit from more product information.” Meanwhile, Google takes over as the default search option in Firefox for Russian language downloads says The Next Web.

Choosey Buyers Choose

Forrester’s Joanna O’Connell along with Emily Riley and Sarah Takvorian have penned a new research piece titled “Selecting Digital Media Buying Partners.” She sings the praises of audience, saying, “When making selections, look for nimble partners who think in terms of audience, not media; who treat data as an input into planning and buying, rather than a postfacto output; and who deeply understand channel interplay — and how to take advantage of it.” Jack Marshall covers more on Digiday where he quotes O’Connell, “We hear agencies of all stripes talk about innovating for the new era of marketing, but the reality on the ground doesn’t always match the vision they espouse.” Read it.


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Let’s Play Catch

The former CEO of Nextag, and a former CEO of Orbitz, Jeffrey Katz chastises Google in Friday’s Wall Street Journal: “The company has used its position to bend the rules to help maintain its online supremacy, including the use of sophisticated algorithms weighted in favor of its own products and services at the expense of search results that are truly most relevant.” Read it. Meanwhile on the Google blog, the Company asks Amit Singhal, svp of engineering, to respond. He concludes his post, “There has never been as much choice online as there is today. Over the last few years, we’ve faced competition from new players, including social networks, mobile apps, and specialty search sites. All that competition is a great thing for consumers, it gives you more choices and makes us work hard to deliver you even more relevant answers, day after day.” Read more.

In Support Of Facebook Ads

comScore to the rescue! In a post by comScore marketing VP Andrew Lipsman, he says that, hey, those Facebook ads that GM apparently didn’t like – well, they work. Lipsman writes, “Through our research, which examines the impact on consumer behavior as a result of media exposure (i.e. seeing a brand message), we are gaining critical new insights that show Facebook earned media is having a statistically significant positive lift on people’s purchasing of a brand.” Read more. comScore says it will be presenting the data at this week’s Advertising Research Foundation conference.

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