Breaking Email: Invite Media Informs Advertisers Of New DSP Rules At Yahoo!

Right MediaIt’s an email – it must be real!

Google-owned DSP Invite Media has informed at least one advertiser about buying policy changes for Yahoo! inventory sold through Right Media Exchange (RMX).

Below, Invite Media delivers the news as advertisers need to get their own seat on RMX rather than use a DSPs seat if they want to buy Yahoo display inventory. It’s clear from the email that the transition time is a concern – also echoed in yesterday’s industry reaction piece on

Subject: Changes to Yahoo!’s Inventory Access Policy

Dear ——,

You may have heard rumors or seen news articles this week regarding changes to DSP access to Yahoo! Network Plus inventory sold through Right Media. Invite was notified by Yahoo! that as of December 2, agencies, trading desks, and advertisers will no longer be able to buy Yahoo! inventory through the Invite Media-owned Right Media seat. Yahoo communicated this policy to be a change that impacts all technology companies, like DSPs, that buyers use to purchase Yahoo! inventory via Right Media.

We are aware that this change is inconvenient for those of our clients who do not have their own Right Media seat. However, we wanted you to know that your Invite account manager is available to assist you in responding to this development as a matter of the highest priority. We have always accommodated direct buyer relationships with publishers at either’s request. While we acknowledge that our clients will need to enter into contracts with Yahoo! in order to obtain access to Yahoo! Network Plus inventory, we have conveyed to Yahoo! our hope that they will expedite this process given that Yahoo! has provided such short notice of this change at such a critical time of year.

Of course, the exchange landscape has never been more vibrant. Invite has relationships with more than 10 RTB exchanges, and there are numerous alternative inventory sources from which you can also buy. Your account manager can assist you in making any necessary updates to existing or new campaigns.

Please contact your Invite account manager with any questions or concerns regarding this change.

Interesting to see Google’s Invite Media talking about “numerous alternative inventory sources.” Clearly, Google and its DoubleClick Ad Exchange stand to benefit the most from advertisers who don’t want to buy their own RMX seats. But this should help other players aggregating RTB’d inventory (OpenX, PubMatic, Rubicon Project, AppNexus, etc.), too.

By John Ebbert

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  1. Former RMX Data Dwarf

    Considering the sunset of Self Managed Advertisers (SMAs) on RMX announced earlier this year, I think the term “seat holder” is possibly being incorrectly applied here. Perhaps they are simply saying that advertisers that are “managed” by DSPs must be defined as “managed advertisers” of the DSP network within RMX? As the article mentions, Invite has no real motivation to couch this change in a positive light.

  2. mike finnegan

    Well, they’re not wrong. There are other alternatives. But few are of the caliber of Y! inventory.

    I think this email was more than fair, and if anything, to the benefit of the advertiser. It provided information and assistance which is important for small and mid-tier buyers in a very confusing media landscape.