Google Enabling Above-The-Fold Bidding On The DoubleClick Ad Exchange For GCN

DoubleClick Ad ExchangeIt’s official. Following up on yesterday’s announcement on the Inside AdWords blog, buying just got a bit more brand-safe for Google Certified Networks (DSPs, ad networks) on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

A Google spokesperson said:

“For Ad Exchange buyers, when targeting ads to the Google Content Network, there is a control in the Ad Exchange interface for certified ad networks to exclude below the fold placements.”

This can be critical for both brand and direct response advertisers who want to make sure their ad is seen on a web page – and another important data point in DoubleClick’s real-time bidding (RTB)-enabled exchange.

CRO Ben Barokas of AdMeld, which also offers RTB-enabled, above-the-fold targeting, commented:

“The ability to separately target and value above-the-fold as well as frequency continues the path to increased transparency, and identify and pinpoint places of value.”

Barokas provided insight on how frequency can affect performance in an RTB environment:

“Basically with respect to frequency, the user tends to – holding all other things equal – engage with an advertisement much more in the beginning of a session. Hence the value of a user’s impressions tend to lessen over their session. Within the RTB environment, by passing frequency and visibility above the fold, advertisers can value as they see fit.”

By John Ebbert

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  1. If buying above the fold makes inventory more brand-safe, I have some really safe inventory I would like to sell you……

    This is simply a DR mechanism to drive higher bids for better performing placements.

  2. DoubleClick is trying some smart tactics to separate out and keep prices high for good quality inventory such as above the fold placements. We have all seen what unfortunately happened to Right Media and how prices and inventory quality fell in a spiral. Doubleclick should also set high CPM floors for this inventory.

    ZEDO which sells behavioral and DMA impressions to ad networks on behalf of it’s publishers maintains a high CPM floor so that the publishers get a fair value for their most valuable inventory. In return ZEDO offers ad networks value: behavioral targeted, first impressions and enough scale to excite them.