Global Display; Measuring Success

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Global Display

In a not-so-surprising report, Nielsen found display advertising is growing by leaps and bounds while more traditional advertising is decreasing in spend. From the release: “Display Internet advertising, though measured in a smaller subset of countries, grew a significant 26.3 percent for the first quarter. Display internet ad growth was particularly impressive in the Asia-Pacific (33.2%) and Latin America (48.2%). Internet even bucked the trend in Europe, boasting growth of 10.4 percent.” Read more.

Measuring Success

With the surge in popularity of native advertising comes on important question: how can success be measured? It turns out, according to Ad Age and an OPA study, publishers are using familiar metrics such as engagement, time spent and traffic; similar to how web pages are measured. “There’s a lot of confirming what one’s gut would have thought,” said Pam Horan, OPA president. “Many of the metrics are more in line with how publishers are measuring the impact of their content.” Read more.

Quality Assurance Upgrade

The IAB released its Quality Assurance Guidelines 2.0 yesterday. According to the IAB’s Steve Sullivan in the release, “The new QAG 2.0 represents the best efforts of the IAB and member companies to ensure that the highest standards of trust, compliance, quality and integrity are continually met for all stakeholders to keep pace with the constant change that drives our business.” Read more.

Man vs. Machine

The big fear with programmatic is that it could take away human jobs, but Tim Nichols and Myles Younger don’t think that’s the case. In a ClickZ Q&A, Younger points out that algorithms are written by humans, and there’s no substitute for human creativity. “The tools and tactics are getting more automated, and you’ve got a bunch of pretty well-automated point solutions, but creating clever, well-informed combinations of the available options is still something you need humans for,” Younger said. Read more.

Real-Time Partnership

Real-time marketing platform SHIFT has partnered with programmatic mobile platform Gradient X, according to a press release. “Combining Gradient X’s technology with our social advertising tools, we now offer the only platform where advertisers can reach their customers across all mobile environments,” said James Borow, Co-founder and CEO of SHIFT. Read more.

When An Impression Isn’t

Facebook’s 10-Q financial report yields some explanation around when an ad impression is an ad impression – or not.  (FB has provided the same info previously.) But, take a look: “Whether we count the initial display only or every display of an ad as an impression is dependent on where the ad is displayed. For example, an individual ad in News Feed that is purchased on an impression basis may be displayed to users more than once during a day; however, only the initial display of the ad is considered an impression, regardless of how many times the ad is actually displayed within the News Feed to a particular user.” CPMMMM.  See the 10-Q on the SEC’s site.

A Mozilla Experiment

In its self-proclaimed quest to bring transparency and user control to the Web, Firefox-creator Mozilla is testing a new setting around content personalization. In a blog post, Justin Scott, product manager at Mozilla Labs, describes the setting: “let’s say Firefox recognizes within the browser client, without any browsing history leaving my computer, that I’m interested in gadgets, comedy films, hockey and cooking. As I browse around the Web, I could choose when to share those interests with specific websites for a personalized experience.” Read more about it here and here.


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