Standardizing Native; Mobile Ad Barometer

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Standardizing Native

It’s clear that IAB loves a good task force, and their latest effort revolves around standards and best practices for native advertising. See who’s on “The Force.” According to the IAB’s blog, they are also launching a Content Marketing Task Force to be an umbrella or a cousin to the Native Advertising Task Force, which will “aim to establish a framework for the native advertising space by putting forth a prospectus that clearly lays out today’s ‘native’ landscape.” Read more.

Mobile Ad Barometer

Bloomberg gets the Google mobile ad scoop in a interview with YouTube VP of Sales Lucas Watson. Lucas says YouTube has received at least $350 million in mobile ad revenue in the last six months: “About a quarter of YouTube’s 1 billion global users now access the service via handheld devices, spurring an increase in promotional spending to reach that audience.” No AdSense revenue share there – all Google. Read more.

Momentum Release

At its European Summit yesterday, AppNexus gave a reading on the mobile buy-side initiative it announced in April. According to a press release, they have seen a “67% increase in mobile impression requests, a 3x growth in the number of mobile-sized creatives in its system, and more than 250% increase in mobile spend.” Read more.

SHIFTing Gears

SHIFT released an addition to its real-time marketing platform called SHIFT Media Manager, which they are calling the “next generation of SHIFT’s legacy social advertising app, GraphEffect.” The company boasts a Facebook Strategic PMD designation and access to the Twitter API. The new product includes a number of features like collaborative worksheets, a campaign builder and a global dashboard. Read more.

Programmatic China

Chinese ad company Tencent launched a DSP called Tango and has a DMP in the works, according to ClickZ. The new DSP puts Tencent in competition with Google, especially in the programmatic space. According to the article and Simon He, Director of Product Management, “Tango’s competitive advantage includes its bidding algorithm capabilities and the ability to leverage massive user data for audience profiling and targeting.” Read more.

Apple Vs. Android

There’s more to the Apple vs. Android market share battle than meets the eye, according to mobile platform Flurry, which analyzed its own data on OS segmentation. Although Android is currently winning in device market share, Apple iOS users are spending more time with apps. Flurry speculates the reason there is no clear winner across the board is because the nature of the two systems is different; therefore, the users have different habits. Currently, Android is also bigger in the international market, but Apple continues developing new programs to get their phones to consumers around the world. Read what it all means.

Kids These Days

Doug Weaver explores “age” and digital ads in a column on Upstream Group’s “The Drift” blog. He admits that things may not have necessarily been better in the past, but older generations look back with nostalgia on the “good ol’ days.” He writes, “Our age problem is not about youth;  the energy and core-familiarity with technology, social tools and mobility that young executives bring to the table is priceless. No, our age problem might just sit with those of us in our late 40s and 50s who continue trying to retrofit today with the yesterday we remember liking a lot better.” You know who you are… Read more.

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