Amazon Talking With ATDs; Komli Buys Asian Ad Network; Pub Networks (SSPs?) To Sell Thru AdX

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Amazon Dipping More Retargeting Toes

Ad Age’s Jason Del Rey gets wind of Amazon asking the agency trading desks at holding companies if they’d like to taste a little Amazon inventory for retargeting. But, will Amazon part with their data? Del Rey writes, “All of the agency trading-desk executives who spoke to Ad Age for this article were intrigued by the prospect of working with Amazon because of its perhaps unparalleled insights across countless categories. But almost all of them said they’d be surprised if Amazon sold segments of its data to shops to combine with first-party data.” And at this point, it would likely be way too expensive for most ATDs to buy from Amazon if Amazon’s deep-dive, segmentation data was involved – especially the targeting criteria that could be derived from login info, buying histories, etc. But who knows? The potential for Amazon’s targeting of trade dollars and selling retargeting to marketers (and their agents) remains huge, too. Del Rey says Amazon is getting busy with that. Indeed! (April 2011) How long until we hear that Amazon has formally layered a trading desk/media agency on top of their business and started executing in a way that impacts an Amazon earnings call? Del Rey gets Amazon to talk a little – which is a lot more than they have EVER done in the past about their media plans. No doubt, Amazon could do a lotta audience-based buying business quickly, and it would be very healthy margins compared to the comparatively skimpy margins they earn on ecommerce. Beyond owned & operated properties, the inventory from Amazon’s enormous affiliate network could be intriguing to ATDs, too. Gonna need to optimize that yield for publishers, though. And, it goes without saying that Amazon will need to plow through any hoopla around privacy when it comes to ad targeting. Read more.

Ad Network Expands

India-based ad network Komli is continuing its global expansion plans as the company announced on Wedneday that it has acquired Singapore-based Admax for an undisclosed sum. According to the Economic Times, “Admax, launched in 2006, claims to be the largest online advertising network in the region, with a presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Admax will give Komli access to a publisher network of over 4,000 local and international websites.” Read it. And, read the release.

The Ad Network & The Apps

Social ad network RadiumOne continues to look to mobile apps and content to create proprietary social signal which can speak to advertiser’s reach and audience targeting needs. From the press release, CEO Gurbaksh Chahal says that the his company’s “Labs” unit has created a mobile app called (iTunes) to enable “publishing multiple types of content from one place across all your social profiles.” Read more. The company says follows the launch of mobile messaging app PingMe in September. As companies like Chartboost (Q&A) have recently shown in AdExchanger interviews, the app promotion and install ad network business is big and growing. Using companies such as these (or app ad networks) to get your social networking app installed, and start sending valuable signal, could be a cost effective way of creating differentiation with mobile ad data.

Sky Publishers

From the Google ITA software blog (yes, there’s a Google ITA software blog), Google announced yesterday that it has customized a complete, soup-to-nuts website for reservations with Cape Air – a small, regional airline. A familiar theme – Google is capturing the long-tail of airlines. Over the long haul, the efficiencies it creates and learns about could make it even more attractive to large airlines (think big publishers!) and include deeper integrations. Read more. Think of the data available for ads! PC World notes that Expedia, Kayak, Sabre and others originally were against Google’s acquisition of ITA software and “contended that the deal could result in higher travel prices, fewer travel choices for consumers and businesses and less innovation in online travel search.” Google could definitely eat the margins of those companies as it can let the margins go, capture market share and increase efficiency for airline partners. Read it. AdExchanger Aside: Cape Air is the only airline which lists 35th street and 8th avenue in Manhattan as an airport. Schedule now.

Negative Selling

On MediaPost, Amy Auerbach of agency fame and Tremor Video’s Jason Krebs discuss the topic of negative selling – i.e. when you say nasty/negative things to your potential client about other vendors. Neither writer is a big fan of the negative. Krebs offers the views of “revenue legend and current CRO of Triad Retail Media, Brian Quinn, for his advice. ‘First, ask the client if they agreed with any of what was said, and address concerns. I may also call the competitor’s sales head and tell him/her to cut the crap.” (Note to all of you, please don’t cross Mr. Quinn).’ Read more.

Publisher Networks Hit AdX

More updates are afoot at Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google announced on the Doubleclick For Publishers blog, “We’ve revised our policies to allow publisher networks to use the Ad Exchange even if they own & operate few (or none) of the sites they represent. As always, every partner site has to meet the same high-standards of quality as every AdX publisher.” Google wants all (brand-safe) publisher inventory hooked in – why wouldn’t they? Over the long run they can potentially disintermediate the mediators as liquidity builds in the exchange. Will PubMatic and Rubicon Project start selling through Google? Read more.

Agency Reports

Mobile Ad Anecdote

Mobile app marketing and platform company Fiksu (AdExchanger Q&A) says that according to its data and indices from January, mobile marketing costs decreased 59% in comparison to the month prior. From the release, “The Fiksu Indexes reveal that, while many advertisers joined the rush to spend over the holiday season to drive up app store rankings and acquire an elevated volume of users, January provided one of the best opportunities for mobile app marketers to-date, as volume reached an all-time high and costs approached an all-time low.” Read a bit more about supply and demand.


DMP/DSP Turn’s CEO Bill Demas talks about European expansion and RTB with AdMonsters Gautam Srivastava. Demas provides the pulse on CPMs these days and more: “We’re using the U.S. as a model: increasingly what we’ve seen in the U.S. is semi-premium inventory coming up for grabs – it’s not longer just ‘remnant’ inventory going through RTB. I’ve seen $20 CPM bids coming in for some of the top stuff and that’s exciting. We’re expecting this pattern to emerge in the UK and Europe too.” Read it.

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