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Banking Bill Threatens Startups; The Stuff Of Display; Planting BRIC In Brazil


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Banking Bill: A Startup Killer

The NextNY blog makes an impassioned plea to torpedo certain parts of Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd’s banking bill which will undermine the efforts of a critical part of the startup capital value chain in the U.S. – angel investors – and, ultimately their principle beneficiaries – startups. In addition to higher net worth requirements of all angel investors, the bill “will also hamstring angel investing by slapping any such investment with a 120 day SEC review.” Learn more.

Mobile AdWords

The Inside AdWords blog announces that you can now view your AdWords campaigns on your phone. For some, this announcement may be akin to having internet access on planes. You can NEVER get away! Miles Johnson of the Inside AdWords crew says, “AdWords for mobile will be used as the default mobile interface for a small percentage of English language advertisers, and we look forward to enabling the feature for additional advertisers and languages in the coming weeks. However, if you’d like to try AdWords for mobile immediately, simply direct your Android, iPhone, or Palm Pre to http://adwords.google.com/dashboard/Dashboard.” Read more.

Beyond The Cookie

Fresh from his elevation to Platform Product Manager at Varick Media, Greg Hills asks from his personal blog, “When will we move past the cookie?” Hills is ready for new levels of relevance in his web world which are driven by data and speak to – persistance of data, data’s portability and …. one other nuclear subject. Read it.

Talking To The Trade Desk

Benjamin Kuo of SoCalTech interviews The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green. Green discusses the team he’s assembled, “We have several engineers who have come from AdECN and Microsoft, including Dave Pickles who wrote the ad server at Microsoft which allowed AdECN to scale to hundreds of billions of monthly impressions.” Read more.

Viewing Display Stuff

The AdRoll blog provides what it calls the “Simplified View Of Display Advertising” and delivers a graphic that will likely make it into quite a few sales and roadshow decks. The writer begins, “There are advertisers that want to buy display ads — there are publishers that want to sell ads. There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ that happens in between to support these transactions. That’s where the complex ‘stuff’ happens.” See the visual of the stuff.


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European RTB Kool-aid

Yield optimizer Improve Digital says that over half of european publishers that Improve surveyed believe that real-time bidding (RTB) is going to make them $$$ when it comes to their unsold inventory. According to the release, “In addition, the research revealed that 80 percent of European publishers think the number of active mobile display ad networks will increase over the next three years.” More ad networks, not less! Read more.

More iPad Ad News

A $1.8 million investment by GRP Partners and Rincon Ventures in Burstly, the “reincarnation” of a company called .App/Ads according to TechCrunch, which adds that the company “offers a full service, open platform to help iPod touch and iPhone app developers optimize their advertising revenue streams, use a variety of ad networks or exchanges.” A $1.8 million VC investment – times have changed or is this an indicator on the size of the mobile opportunity? Read more.

iFlash – the HTML5 Antidote

Flash ads are possible on the Apple iPad according to mobile advertising network, Greystripe. The company said that its “iFlash technology, Greystripe takes ads created using Flash and transcodes them to run on the iPhone and iPad.” That’s nice, but what’s Steve Jobs going to think when he hears Flash has somehow made it on to his platform. Ban them or buy them.

Digital Mags Vs Display

Thinking about digital magazine ad performance? Without further ado – the results of a survey from earlier this month called “The Case of Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines.” The results: “70 percent of the readers of the digital editions that participated in the study were less likely to ignore display ads in digital editions than on Web sites (30 percent said they were more likely to pay attention to display ads on Web sites).” Read more from Folio.

Building BRIC In Brazil

David Kaplan of PaidContent reports that Publicis has taken a minority stake in a Brazilian ad agency, Taterka Comunicações. Kaplan says that the investment follows a purchase by Interpublic Group of Brazilian digital marketer Cubocc. Why are they doing this? An affinity for Brazilian grill? No – it’s because Brazil is a BRIC country, but of course. Read more.

Must Read

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The New York Times and Instacart are partnering for shoppable recipe videos.

Experian Enters The Third-Party Data Onboarding Business

Experian entered the third-party data onboarder market on Tuesday with a new product based on its Tapad acquisition.

Albertsons Takes Its First Steps Into Non-Endemic Advertising, Retail Media’s Next Frontier

Albertsons is taking that first step into non-endemic advertising next week via a partnership with Rokt to serve ads to people who have already purchased groceries.

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Marketecture Buys AdTechGod (No, Really)

Marketecture has acquired AdTechGod – an anonymous ad tech Twitter poster turned one-man content studio – and the AdTech Forum, an information resource hosted by AdTechGod and Jeremy Bloom.

Why The False Advertising Lawsuit Against Poppi Is Bad News For RMNs

This week’s dispatch explores the new trend of false advertising class-action suits in the food and CPG industry and how the evolution of online, data-driven retail media could exacerbate the problem.

Seedtag Acquires Beachfront For Deeper Roots In TV And Streaming

Contextual ad platform Seedtag acquires Beachfront, a supply-side platform that specializes in TV and video.