Amazon Begins Display Ad Retargeting

Hey, what's this...?

Looks like Amazon has started retargeting as last week's news from analyst Ben Schachter of Macquerie Research (via GigaOm) may just be a hint at what's happening inside the e-commerce giant.

After visiting a few tech news sites where I've found many retargeting ads in the past, I visited 9 to 5 Mac which for some reason wasn't showing the usual ads (tech players and conferences) that I see... indeed, up came Amazon retargeting!

The Use Case

I found that by visiting the Viewsonic G-Tablet page here...

This visit would appear to trigger this 300x250 ad in the right column of 9 to 5 Mac:

And, what supply source was used? Looks like the DoubleClick Ad Exchange if the code is any indication:

Retargeting Code

Who's doing the bidding for Amazon? It would seem in-house bidding capabilities are likely given the company appears focused on building out a larger display ad, audience buying team.

By John Ebbert


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