AdMeld And The Media Trust On Malvertising; Defending Ad Networks; Amazon And Facebook Partner

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AdMeld And The Media Trust On Malvertising

With malvertising posing a threat to online display advertising, The Media Trust and AdMeld have formed a new partnership according to an article from Joe Mandese of MediaPost. Mandese writes, “The Media Trust is part of a new cottage industry that has emerged in response to the attacks and the growing sophistication of malvertisers, and AdMeld said it will begin using its proprietary technology to detect tags for malicious code before they are launched via publishers’ sites.” Read about it. And, read the release.

Defending Ad Networks

In a piece on ClickZ, AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley defends the ad network model and specifically those ad networks who are delivering real value for clients. He adds, “My advice to any agency that’s focusing on how to disintermediate a third party rather than solely on producing superior results: go back to basics and concentrate on what matters – your clients achieving their objectives.” Read more.

Amazon & Facebook (Vs Google)

Amazon and Facebook announced a partnership today as the recommendation engine takes on the search engine. According to Claire Cain Miller of the NY Times, “Amazon shoppers who connect their Amazon and Facebook accounts transport their Facebook friends to Amazon — and can get recommendations from those friends on what to buy.” Oh baby – intender data + birds of a feather + transactional-bottom-of-the-funnel-marketing… target now! And read a post from May by Chris Dixon about the coming Google/Amazon showdown… or is it a Google/Facebook showdown?

Real-Time Context

ContextWeb announced that it is licensing its contextualization capabilities called “Real-Time Classifier” which it says “adheres to the taxonomy standards that are a part of the IAB’s Networks and Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines.” From the release, ContextWeb/ADSDAQ Exchange GM Jay Sears ably breaks out the Latin to discuss the importance of standards, “The IAB’s new guidelines bring a new level of consistency and dependability to online advertising by creating a lingua franca for ad trading.” Read the release.

On Targeting Connections

AdWeek’s Brian Morrissey reports that Facebook wants advertisers to start thinking more social-ly when they consider running campaigns on their site. Morrissey quotes Facebook sales VP Mike Murphy who says, “”The marketers we’ve been working with the longest and [that] are the most progressive are getting huge value out of the connections they have on the platform,” Murphy said. “They’re talking much more about, ‘How do we get value out of the connections we’re getting?’ It’s much more than a beauty contest of who has the most fans.” Read more.

Big M&A Earnout

Disney’s acquisition of Playdom, a social games developer, is not really a data-driven advertising acquisition -yet. But the hefty price tag is worth noting as its earnout is a monster. Will we see more of these types of deals? PaidContent’s Joseph Tartakoff writes, “The deal includes a “total consideration” of $563.2 million, in addition to a performance-linked earn-out of up to $200 million.” Read more – including the release – on PaidContent.

The Do-Not-Track-List

That’s right.. the Do-Not-Call-List may have a new friend: The Do-Not-Track-List. ClickZ’s Kate Kaye covers the news from her Washington D.C. outpost at a U.S. Senate committee hearing where “Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon D. Leibowitz said multiple times that the agency is currently assessing the viability of a do-not-track list for online advertising.” Read more.

The Scarcity Ad Network

If you want to be a publisher in InfluAds network (not an influenza ad network, by the way), you will only be putting one ad tag on any of your website’s pages and that would be an InfluAds ad tag. Scarcity sells. See the InfluAds site – compliance is one ad away. (source: @gregoryhills)

Google Partner Transparency

Google is demanding more transparency from its partners as the company announced a Terms of Service change. Jason Shafton from the Inside AdWords blog wrote, “today, we’re announcing some upcoming changes to the way our third party partners provide reports and information about AdWords to their clients. If you work with another company to manage your AdWords campaigns, you should be able to find out how much of your advertising budget (cost) was spent on AdWords, how many times your ads appeared (impressions) and how many times users clicked on your ads (clicks).” Read more. And, read the AdWords Help update on Third-Party Reporting requirements.

The MediaMind IPO

Sources say that the MediaMind story which ran yesterday in Dow Jones Newswires was wrong and that the company will derive closer to $90 million in its initial public offering rather than the $73 million first reported. Also, still more sources suggest that company insiders would rather wait than sell now – thinking there’s more value down the road, hence the reported pullback on the size of the offering. Bring on the IPO!

Ad Exchange Whitepaper

Ad exchange OpenX has released a new whitepaper which outlines the fundamentally different ways in which ad networks and ad exchanges sell publisher inventory, highlights the benefits of ad exchanges over ad networks (…)” Read more (sign-up required).

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