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Nikesh Arora Out At Google

Nikesh Arora, GoogleNikesh Arora, Google’s SVP and chief business officer, will be leaving the company after a decade, according to the company's earnings press release.

He'll join Japanese telecommunications and internet company SoftBank, where he'll be vice chairman of SoftBank Corp. and CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media.

Omid Kordestani, a senior adviser to the CEO and one of Google's founders, will be the interim leader of Google's business organization.

Arora tweeted shortly after the announcement, "Thank you googlers for your support and love in the last 10 years. Will miss all of you. Looking forward to the next adventure." He was married in recent days to Ayesha Thapar, CEO of Indian City Properties, at an extravagant multiday ceremony in Italy, as reported by India West.

Arora ran Google's Europe operations from 2004 to 2007, when he added the Middle East and Africa regions. Starting in 2009 he assumed global responsibility for sales, and took charge of all commercial operations as of 2011.
(more…)'s TV Conversion Tracking; Yahoo Ad Problem Musings

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Path-To-Purchase Patent

AOL’s recieved a patent for TV conversion tracking, which the company claims will help advertisers glean if TV spots are sending people to the Internet, to mobile or to stores to make purchases. “Online advertising systems have a problem with over-attribution. They tend to be very good at taking credit for – well – everything! TV has the opposite problem; TV tends to take no credit at all.”  Read the blog post.


Ebay Ads Exec Machinations; Google's Active View Available In Reports

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eBay Ads Execs Transition

Gautam Thakar has moved on from eBay Advertising and will join LivingSocial as its new CEO and president in mid-August. Read the release. Thakar’s responsibility at eBay Ads was extensive, according to his Linkedin profile: “Responsible for leading eBay's Advertising business including the business. Led a global cross functional team across US, UK, DE, FR, AU and manage all aspects of a large profitable P&L. Key part of the role was transforming to a broader advertising business and leading the business, technology and product teams …” And, read more on ZDnet. Looking at who takes over for Thakar at eBay, sources say Bridget Davies has been running eBay's product listing ads (PLAs) business (i.e. all product SKUs, all CPCs, retailer advertising) for “some time” now.  And reporting in to Davies is Stephen Howard-Sarin who is running everything programmatic from a display ad perspective at the company.


Mobile Versus TV; Optimistic Facebook

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Mobile Versus Television

Tremor Video, Millward Brown and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) partnered on a new study looking at impacts on brands using mobile video versus television. Adweek reports, “The mobile ads were measured against TV benchmarks associated with each word. Twenty of the mobile ads over-indexed TV’s benchmark for participants who said they were ‘attracted’ or ‘unimpressed’ with the mobile ads. Nineteen of the mobile ads were associated more with ‘excitement’ than TV spots.” And, read the related release.


Video Publishers Grab For Content; Users Prefer Banners Over Native

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Platforms Grab For Content

Without unique content, your fancy tech platform may not matter. On that note... Over the weekend, Reuters reported that YouTube was in talks with Hollywood and independent producers to fund premium content. If realized, the deals could graduate YouTube from a DIY platform for video streaming to one worthy of higher-priced advertising. Read more. Meanwhile, "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced a three-year deal that gives Hulu exclusive streaming rights to the show's back catalogue. The $80 million deal is in line with attempts by other streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon, to lock down premium content and ultimately draw in advertisers. Read on.


Microsoft's New Focus; Facebook's New App Ads

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Microsoft Repositions

In a companywide message distributed to Microsoft employees Thursday, CEO Satya Nadella spoke on Microsoft’s transition from a technology provider to a devices and services company. In particular, Nadella stresses Microsoft’s need to focus on productivity and platforms. Detailing Microsoft's cloud OS, device OS and first-party hardware, Nadella notes that the tech industry's shift toward mobile will play a role in future strategizing. "We're really in the infant stages of the mobile-first world," writes Nadella in the company memo. "In the next few years we will see many more new categories evolve and experiences emerge that span a variety of devices of all screen sizes. Microsoft will be on the forefront of this innovation with a particular focus on dual users and their needs across work and life." Read it.


Connected TV Expansion; Beyond Social

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Billions Of Connected TVs

A new study from Strategy Analytics says connected TV adoption is about to take off – even more. TechCrunch reports, “The market is predicted to double in size between now and 2018, reaching the 2 billion mark, with smart TVs carrying embedded platforms as the main segment to watch.” Read more. TV ads will be video ads –and the other way around.


Dstillery Chief Data Scientist Talks Data Science And Paid Advertising

Claudia PerlichDstillery's investment in data science dates to 2008, when the company – then known as Media6degrees – first applied big data analysis with a social skew. Since then it has broadened its focus to a wider range of digital media, but has retained its emphasis on the data.

The person in charge of those efforts today is Claudia Perlich. As chief scientist, she oversees the data and algorithms that drive decisioning, targeting and fraud detection for the programmatic ad network.

She started four years ago at Dstillery, where top clients include American Express, AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Neiman Marcus. Previously she worked for IBM Research focusing on predictive modeling and marketing.

Perlich spoke to AdExchanger about data science as it relates to paid advertising, programmatic methodologies and cross-device targeting.

AdExchanger: In what category do you bucket yourself? Any interest in launching a "self serve" business?

CLAUDIA PERLICH: The "bucket" question has always been a challenge for us. Terry Kawaja puts Dstillery in the "Targeted Ad Network" bucket on his LUMAscape, which is probably the most appropriate. But our services encompass the core of a DSP and the core of a DMP. We are a company focused on identifying new customers for our marketing partners, and we provide a full suite of services allowing those partners to execute on that intelligence across any channel. (more…)

Upsight's New Targeting; Michael Barrett Talks

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Location Location Location

Analytics and marketing platform Upsight is adding another layer of targeting to geolocation data. The company released a new tool on Tuesday, GeoTrigger, that helps marketers target key consumers based on where they are and what they might want. For instance, if a mobile user passes by a storefront, marketers can sent out coupons to that user, but mobile users must opt in for marketers to receive location data. Marketers can also preprogram "geofences," or strategic boundaries that trigger marketing campaigns. Read more on VentureBeat. And read the release.


Nielsen's New Attribution Product; Publisher In-App Ad Investment

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Correlating Viewability

Nielsen has surfaced with a new multitouch attribution (MTA) product that aims to provide an exact correlation of ads viewed to products purchased and presumably a more granular take on return on ad spend. Nielsen piloted its MTA product with Kraft. MTA ran Kraft's data against purchaser information from Nielsen's database to uncover consumer behavior that helped the company restructure campaigning based on the volume of products purchased. Adweek has the story.