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Digital Ad Revenue Passes Broadcast TV Ad Revenue Amid Mobile Surge

IABInternet ad revenue exceeded ad revenue from broadcast TV for the first time, according to the IAB’s annual Internet Ad Revenue Report. Online ad spend rose to $42.8 billion in 2013, up 17% from 2012. Broadcast revenue was a close second, at $40.1 billion.

Mobile advertising, which for a third year in a row grew three-fold (2013 mobile ad revenue increased to $7.1 billion, up from $3.4 billion in 2012), accounted for much of this growth. (more…)

Facebook's Right Hand Ads; Less Search Data

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bigadsRight-Hand Revamp

Facebook is giving its right-hand column ads a facelift by making images larger, and reducing the overall number of ads displayed at a given time. Hypothetically this gives advertisers incentive to use the right-hand side again, after news feed ads stole the show. Facebook also reported that advertisers can now use the same image for both news feed and right-hand ads, making the creation process faster. Read more. Will yield increase in the right rail for FB?


AppNexus Launches Twixt; Automating TV Ad Buying

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AppNexus Direct

A new “programmatic direct” solution from AppNexus aims to streamline negotiations that happen before digital ad buys occur. Using the product, called Twixt, “a buyer can send out RFPs out to a list of sellers, gather and compare their responses, negotiate line items, and agree to terms with publishers,” reports AdAge. For the time being Twixt is free, perhaps to accelerate adoption in a crowded competitive environment that includes players like Yieldex, iSocket, Bionic Ads and AdSlot. Read more.


AOL's Hires; Twitter Global TV Measurement

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After shuffling CEO positions among the AOL Platforms ranks last week, AOL is targeting the C-level again. The company has appointed William Pence as global CTO, “who will lead all aspects of AOL’s global technology strategy and will report directly to me,” AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told TechCrunch. Most recently, Pence was WebMD’s EVP and CTO, and reportedly had a track record of pushing new mobile products at his former company. Curtis Brown, AOL’s CTO since 2012, will stay on with the company for a number of months through the transition. Read more. (more…)

Twitter's Advertising Apps; Advertising Cookies And Privacy

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More App Ads

The rumors around new Twitter app ad products continue to percolate as The Wall Street Journal reports on an imminent launch. Yoree Koh writes, “[Twitter] will debut 15 types of new ad products and improved ways to target users over the next six months, according to people familiar with the company's plans.” Read about ’em (subscription). Meanwhile, a new report from Resolution Media says Twitter ads are more effective if you’re measuring click-through rate in comparison to Facebook, but they lack FB’s scale. Download it here.


News Corp Adopts Programmatic; Amazon's Marketing Strategy

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Automating Sales

News Corp. platforms exec Cameron King tells AdNews in Australia that his company aims to "move programmatic into the mainstream sales effort.” King has sipped from the cup of programmatic Kool-Aid. AdNews says, “[King] would not hang a number around the organisation's neck in terms of percentage of sales traded programmatically but said there was ‘an opportunity to automate a great deal of what we are doing.’” Read more. (more…)

Spredfast and Mass Relevance Merge; Media Converges In The Digital Space

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More Social Consolidation

Social marketing startups Spredfast and Mass Relevance are merging. Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron will head the combined company, which will operate under Spredfast’s name. The deal combines Mass Relevance’s social curation tools for TV with Spredfast’s social media management and analytics. According to Favaron, the mission is “to connect every place social content is consumed, across all screens.” Read more via AdAge. Mass Relevance CEO Sam Decker moves to a board role. Read last year’s AdExchanger article with Decker here. (more…)

ComScore's Global Reach; Eat24 Fooled The Press

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ComScore’s Global Metrics

ComScore released Tuesday a new audience metric designed to measure global audiences of unique individuals across multiple platforms. “With a huge and growing proportion of our traffic coming from non-PC devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is commercially vital to both understand these incremental audiences and be able to represent them fully to the global media buying community,” said Mike Pilcher, comScore's senior vice president for sales, EMEA. Read the press release.


Wunderman Acquires FusePump; Unmeasurable Internet Audiences

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Wunderman Buys Commerce Tech

Agency network Wunderman has acquired FusePump, whose technology is designed to make product information from ecommerce sites and other sources available to marketers and advertisers. According to the release, “Wunderman will gain access to FusePump technology and platforms such as BuyNow, a solution that refers consumers to product offers and allows brands to promote their retail partner offers in other digital channels.” More.


Sapient And Fenway Enter Multi-Year Partnership To Deepen Fan Engagement

redsoxRight in time for opening day, agency Sapient and The Fenway Sports Group (parent company of the Boston Red Sox) have entered a multi-year partnership to improve fan engagement. This alliance marks the first time that Fenway has worked on a digital ad campaign of this nature, and will explore how best to leverage multi-channel environments to amplify how fans experience baseball both in-stadium and at home.

Fenway chose to partner with Sapient because the agency had prior experience working on sports marketing campaigns, notably the X Games.

“[We want Sapient] to help us figure out what the next decade is going to look like in terms of how we’re reaching out to the next generation of fans, how we’re connecting with them [and] what the ball park experience is going to look like,” said Fenway Sports Group EVP and Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy. (more…)