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Spotify To Sell Video Ads; Quaero Gets Cross-Device

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Sounding Out Video

Spotify is about to sell its first video ads, including a mobile unit that exchanges one marketer message for a half-hour of commercial free listening. More in Ad Age. Missing here is any mention of targeting in video, though we know Spotify is working on the broader segmentation opportunity. "We’ve built predictive models to determine how particular lifestyle attributes can be useful to brands," Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest (acquired by Spotify), told AdExchanger in August. "By correlating all this data, we’re able to draw predictions. We can come in and give the advertising partner a lot more insights."


Bucking The Logged-In Trend; YouTube's Many Strengths

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Twitter Zags

Whereas Google and Facebook are focused on the logged-in user as the cornerstone of ad growth, Twitter may be going the opposite direction. “It’s our goal to reach the largest daily audience in the world, which means we can’t just focus on a logged-in experience which has historically been the company’s focus,” CFO Anthony Noto said in a conversation at Citi’s 2014 Global Technology Conference. SeekingAlpha transcript, where there’s more on tailored timelines, email notifications and self-serve ads. The audience strategy is partly fueled by sports, music and news partnership, as VP Global Media Katie Jacobs Stanton says in a separate Re/code interview. “Ultimately the goal is to reach every person on the planet.” Read that.


Opaque Trading Desks; Hootsuite Acquires BrightKit

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Marketer Mistrust

Marketers are still concerned about a lack of trading desk transparency – so worried, in fact, that investment in agency trading desks declined 15% YoY, according to a WFA report that surfaced Thursday. The hesitancy could explain why companies like Rocket Fuel are building programmatic products for marketers to license, wrote WSJ’s Jack Marshall. According to those surveyed, 9.5% of online media budgets are spent programmatically today.


BitTorrent Courts Ad Dollars; Baidu's Mobile Tracking

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nlwBitTorrent Media

File-sharing giant BitTorrent is courting advertisers, but it’s a tough sell given the company’s reputation as a piracy hotbed, Digiday reported. "It is going to be a tough road for BitTorrent to convince marketers that it is a legitimate platform to do business with,” Red Peak Branding CEO James Fox said. Sites like BitTorrent have historically offloaded media through exchange environments, but that may be getting harder. Fox added that BitTorrent could attract niche advertisers by going rogue and embracing its counterculture position (think Vice). Black hat targeting? More.


Mobile Location: A Fragile Thing

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Today’s column is written by Alex Linde, senior vice president of monetization at The Weather Company.

Mobile can sometimes feel like two steps forward and one step back.

On the plus side, vendors have promised location-based advertising on mobile since 1999, and just a short 15 years later, pretty much everything that marketers imagined is possible.

It is, however, a fragile thing. We’ve heard about the sketchy nature of the GPS data in the mobile exchanges, and the IAB recently released an excellent list of questions that any marketer should ask to make more informed decisions about their choice of location partner. And there are broader currents that we should be aware of that may yet shape the success of this fledgling market.

Foreground Vs. Background Location

Understanding the context in which the data is gathered is key. Most providers currently take their data from ad exchanges, and most impressions in ad exchanges come from games. By definition then, the location data is gathered when the game is in the foreground – when the game is on screen and the consumer is engaged – otherwise ad impressions would not be generated. What this means is that the marketer looking to reach consumers who have visited an auto lot has slim pickings. Consumers shopping for cars are not likely to be playing Candy Crush while deciding on life's second-largest purchase. (more…)

Amazon's Twitch Buy Is An Investment In Infrastructure; TV Buyers And Programmatic Video

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Media = Infrastructure

In a think piece on Amazon’s Twitch acquisition, NYT media columnist David Carr writes, “Gaming is a bandwidth hog, and Twitch is able to host multiplayer games, large events and commentary because the company invested in at least 15 data centers jammed with servers.” Amazon may hope to dominate in video and games, and their related ad opportunities, the way it did in commerce. By beating everyone else on infrastructure. More.

Programmatic Video And The TV Buyer

TV buyers could have a hand in how programmatic video develops, eMarketer claims in a report. "Programmatic video won’t develop exactly in the manner of the broader programmatic display space. The first efforts to create programmatic video platforms tended to parallel similar efforts for display, but TV buyers will have an important voice in the development of next-level platforms." But will buyers have a say in how cross-platform video exchanges unfold? Read it. (more…)

IPONWEB Buys Adternity; Havas' Earnings Report

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Buying For Display

IPONWEB gobbled up Adternity, a company specializing in workflow implementation and ad-serving solutions. The vision, according to IPONWEB CEO Boris Mouzykantskii, is to integrate IPONWEB's media-trading technology with Adternity's front-end capabilities and deepen the company's presence in the German marketplace and abroad. Are Boris and Co., known for building and selling ad tech to others such as Yahoo’s Right Media, starting to get more proprietary? Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read the press release.


Ramaswamy Talks; Medialets' Mobile Findings

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Quizzing Ramaswamy

Ever since Google’s former ad boss, Susan Wojcicki, took the reins at YouTube, Sridhar Ramaswamy has been running the company’s sprawling ad strategy. He shares some thoughts on display, video and mobile in a truncated chat with Ad Age. Addressing native, he seems to acknowledge fragmentation of ad formats is the future. The question is: “What do we need to do to work with publishers to produce ad units that are very complementary to what they want to do on their app or site?" Read it. (more…)

Facebook Offers Bandwidth-Specific Targeting; Matomy Reports Interim Results

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Weak Signal

Facebook now lets advertisers target mobile users in high-growth countries based on the strength of their network connection. “Targeting a video campaign to people with high-speed connections, and swapping in an image or link ad for people with slower connections, means ads can perform more efficiently.” Read the post. But, shouldn’t Facebook control this aspect of the user experience? At least one use case says no: Device makers can target 2G network device owners with upgrade offers. (more…)

As WPP's Millward Brown Buys Rival InsightExpress, What Role For Brand Lift Surveys In Programmatic Media?

The advertising research sector saw a bit of consolidation Tuesday, as WPP Group's Millward Brown revealed it would acquire InsightExpress. Both companies are known for survey-based approaches to advertising campaign measurement.

Speaking with AdExchanger, Millward Brown President Stephen DiMarco said there's a natural fit between these companies' traditional panel-based approaches and the rise of the programmatic media buy.

“Brand lift research has continued unabated in the emergence of programmatic media,” DiMarco told AdExchanger. “However, the next frontier will be not just collecting brand lift data on media bought by programmatic means but the enablement of brand data in the programmatic purchasing process.”

He added, “That’s where the combination of Millward Brown Digital’s brand expertise and InsightExpress’ media savvy make this union interesting for marketers."

InsightExpress' media insights are built on cross-device analytics, with a methodological approach to marketing accountability. The company's portfolio of solutions includes tools to measure display, video and mobile. AdInsights, for example, measures what impact digital advertising has on brand perception and sales. IdeaImpact, another tool, measures early stage feedback on new advertising concepts.  (more…)