• Zipcar Zips Ahead By Testing YouTube Video Creative

    Advertisers can drive themselves mad running prospecting and direct-response videos on YouTube. Testing and targeting video creative on YouTube isn’t easy. But performance marketers like Zipcar still need to figure out which ads work for which audiences. “Everything we do is tied to a cost per acquisition,” said Celine Francois, senior manager of member acquisition […]

  • Zipcar Is Not Keen On Black Boxes

    It’s been about three years since Zipcar left its digital ad agency in the rearview mirror, and the brand hasn’t looked back. The car-sharing company shifted all of its online ad buying to programmatic channels, turning to Accordant Media, whose stack includes a demand-side platform, an audience-buying platform, analytics, cross-channel attribution and a dynamic creative […]

  • Zipcar Turns To Display Ads To Reach Members

    Zipcar traditionally messaged its members through email and social media. But those efforts didn’t reach all members. “Not everyone follows us on social channels or through email, but everyone is on the web,” said Millie Park, Zipcar’s senior director of member marketing. “We wanted to find ways to communicate with them through appropriate targeted messaging.” […]

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