The Big Story: Facebook And Google Vs. America

The Big Story podcast

Holy collusion, Batman!

This week on The Big Story, we’ll consider the double whammy facing Facebook with lawsuits from both the FTC and 48 state attorneys general, led by New York’s Letitia James.

Or maybe you can call it a triple whammy (is that even a thing?) when we toss in the lawsuit Google faces – from ten state AGs, led by Texas’ Ken Paxton.

In the interest of full disclosure, this episode of The Big Story was recorded when news of the Google lawsuit was anticipatory. At that time, we didn’t have all of the facts to record a full podcast on what’s happening with Google – including its alleged collusion with Facebook to quash header bidding.

You can read all about that here.

For this episode, we’ll look at what Facebook is dealing with in the double lawsuit. Why, for instance, are two separate suits alleging the same things? Does that mean Facebook will have to litigate both individually? And what are the specifics behind the regulator complaints? Do they even hold water?

After the break, we’ll dig into Facebook’s beef with Apple, which escalated this week when Facebook hosted a press conference and took out full-page newspaper ads (remember those?) castigating Apple for being hypocritical around its rhetoric to protect consumer privacy and masking its true business motives.

That’s right, Facebook is criticizing another company for its privacy practices.

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