AdSafe Media Wants To Change Adversarial Relationship Between Ad Networks, Publishers And Ad Verification Companies

AdSafe MediaAdSafe Media announced their new Network Monitor platform today. According to the release, the new platform “enables [ad networks and publishers] to address their ad verification concerns while ensuring the highest possible monetization yield from their inventory.” Read the release. How is the AdSafe Network Monitor platform different than the technology which was part of previous deals announced with ad networks such as the one with InterClick in April?

AdSafe currently has two distinct products in market. Our BrandSafe Firewall is used primarily by Advertisers and Agencies to control the placement of their advertising and to block ads from appearing adjacent to web content they deem inappropriate. Certain ad networks and DSPs are making our BrandSafe Firewall available to their Agency clients. Our Network Monitor is a new product that is designed to holistically address the ad verification needs of networks and publishers. Specifically, it enables networks and publisher to view, manage and segment their inventory in order to address any concerns media buyers may have regarding the brand safety of their pages. All of our products leverage our Content Rating Platform so we can ensure that there can be consistent metrics and healthy relationships across the ad ecosystem. We recognize that some ad-verification services have had an adversarial relationship with network and publishers to date and we hope this product can change that.

How will this affect buyers who already are an AdSafe client and integrate your services into their ad serving? If they’re buying through an AdSafe Network Monitor partner such as an ad network, do they need the direct license with you?

The functions of each of our products are complementary to each other, but each provides a different level of brand safety protection. Our Network Monitor is designed to be used irrespective of individual campaigns and does not block inventory, rather it helps networks and publishers streamline their existing inventory management and quality assurance process. Brands and Agencies often choose to separately use our BrandSafe Firewall for its blocking capability. With our Firewall, brands can individually select the type of content that is appropriate for their brand and then have assurance that advertising will never appear in locations they have not preapproved. In each instance, the value, pricing structure and client base are unique for each product.

Can this Network Monitor product pre-emptively block delivery of an ad impression before it sees a new URL or web page?

Our Network Monitor does not have blocking capabilities and it is not designed to be used on campaign level but instead on an overall network or publisher level. Our Network Monitor provides comprehensive analysis of network traffic on a daily basis. This new platform allows networks to see all of their inventory and take pre-emptive steps to control the quality of their traffic. In short, our Network Monitor is designed to put control back in the hands of networks and publishers.

Do you think this product addresses publishers’ channel conflict concerns?

We see managing channel conflict concerns as one of the key challenges ad-verification needs to overcome. Our Network Monitor directly addresses this issue by containing publisher URL information between publisher and networks.

By John Ebbert

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