Predictions for 2011: Marketers 2011 Predictions: reached out to brand marketers for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

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Doug Chavez, Del Monte Foods

  • 2011 will see margin compression accelerate as DSPs, exchanges and ad networks continue to duke it out
  • The cacophony of ad networks will lead to more consolidation and better services of targeting and scale.
  • Advertisers, online publishers will engage in the privacy conversation  as an outcome truly starting to understand implications.
  • Success on scale for advertisers using social targeting data outside of a walled garden (e.g RadiumOne, Media6, 33Across)
  • The Cubs will win the World Series

Onil Gunawardana, Online Display Advertising, AT&T Interactive

  • We believe the rise of locally targeted display advertising will provide a significant revenue opportunity for publishers with geo-location information.
  • Several studies including the Harvard Business Review April 2008 article have demonstrated performance lift from combining display and search campaigns. Our view is that platforms that make it easier to flight and track these combined campaigns will emerge.
  • In our experience, the ability to execute integrated buys across interactive media such as online display, mobile, and video will provide the necessary scale to hasten the movement of awareness dollars from offline to interactive media. Emerging platforms will support integrated campaign management with combined reach and frequency reporting.
  • Rumors that ad networks will disappear over time are highly exaggerated. Anticipate the emergence of new models that provide a service layer to mask the complexity of ad exchange and data buying.

Mark Redetzke, VP, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Bluestem Brands, Inc.

  • 2011 will be a watershed year for digital addressability.  We’ll see the fusion of offline and online data at scale by year’s end
  • Privacy concerns will persist, but legislation will not be passed mandating ‘Do Not Market’ for behavioral advertising
  • The DSP category will try to evolve to become a marketer’s overall dashboard for all marketing as attribution gets folded into DSP functionality.

Anonymous Big Brand Marketer

  • Data-driven display brand advertising begins chewing into TV dollars in a meaningful way. Most marketers switch on no-brainer ads on mobile platforms (such as search). QR codes become ubiquitous. Data and privacy legislation doesn’t change the landscape drastically, but at least some players get serious heat.

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