Kawaja On Value Chain At IAB’s Networks and Exchanges Marketplace

IABAt today’s Internet Advertising Bureau Networks and Exchanges Marketplace, Terence Kawaja, Managing Partner of investment bank GCA Savvian, provided an extensive industry overview called “Parsing the Ad Tech Value Chain,” which spanned nearly every ad tech company strategy in the value chain between advertisers and publishers. Among his predictions: only $400 million in revenues for DSPs by 2014.

Top line observations from Kawaja included:

  • Overcrowded marketplace
  • Demand-side capabilities likely to amalgamate
  • Google is moving into display in a big way.
  • Data becomes ubiquitous and commoditized.
  • Life gets tougher for agencies. – Kawaja said that agencies too reliant on demand-side platforms from outside vendors. What happens when Saas companies, integrators start supplying DSP capabilities? We’ll see, added Kawaja.
  • Publishers need to leverage data.
  • Consolidation likely from several groups: Agency, marketing, technology companies likely to start buying among others.

Kawaja also provided the GCA Savvian ad ecosystem map – or industry eyechart:

In conclusion, Kawaja gave his scorecard … good news for DSPs, Data providers, bad news for agencies, so-so news for data aggregators and publishers.

Kawaja ended his presentation with a video: “A Few Good DSPs” – a send-up of questions swirling on the demand-side platform versus the ad network business. Link to the video and IAB presentation is here!

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  1. we could not agree more. there is to much black box fragmentation in the industry. the noise factor dilutes down the digital advertising industry tremendously. we believe that the future is about platform driven ecosystems. not roll ups. Google has proven how well this model works. there is a lot of room in our performance marketing channel and why we have already started with the last two acquisitions we made . you must be a leader and get out ahead in order to be one of the next gen emerging platforms.

  2. Logos make for colorful slides. Tim – seems like the people making the best margins here will be the graphic designers(!). The video was funny: http://www.bit.ly/TKawajaDSPvideo but it also highlights to me (ostensibly, CEO of a DSP) further that the term DSP is not so useful as a descriptor…