Data Nugget: Google Trends Speaks On “Ad Exchange”

Today’s data nugget!

How far along are we in this new data-rich world of ad exchanges and demand-side platforms? Not “too” if Google Trends is to be believed.

In fact, in the United States., we’re still at 2007 levels when Google bought DoubleClick, Yahoo! bought Right Media and Microsoft acquired AdECN. The “F” bump you’ll see below is for the launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

US Trends

Worldwide usage shows a similar trend except that the use of “ad exchange” goes back further – likely associated with the popularity of swapping of ads between websites to promote each other’s traffic.

Worldwide Trends

And in the UK, where ad exchanges and buying through ad exchanges are just getting started, there’s still plenty of room to grow according to Google Trends. Here “F” is the DoubleClick Ad Exchange launch. “C,” for some reason, is the launch of Glam’s GlamX ad exchange.

UK Trends

What does this mean?



By John Ebbert

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1 Comment

  1. Actually, you have to go farther back to discover, as always, that truly there is nothing new under the sun. There were various online media marketplaces in the 90s such as OneMediaPlace and even pre-web efforts in the tv and print worlds.

    It’s all gotten more complicated thanks to technology, but the basic idea of exchanging value for value isn’t much different than it was back in the ancient agoras and bazaars. It’s just gotten a lot faster and less personal.

    While there is great opportunity, as you say, there are also consequences awaiting those who do not learn from history. Some things actually work just fine without silicon and algorithms 😉