Klout Adding Social Influencer To The Algo; IPG Trading Desk Cadreon Enters Australia

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Buying Influence

Klout announced that it has hired former Turn platform seller Tim Mahlman as its chief revenue officer. In an article in Adweek, Klout explained Mahlman’s focus, “The new position will focus on overseeing the Klout Perks program, where advertisers pay to offer deals to the most influential users in a certain topic. The company has run more than 75 Perks campaigns so far, with companies like Nike, Audi, and Virgin America.” So imagine putting that into your targeting algo: you’ve got ads/deals/incentives running against/with 100 influencers, a display campaign, a video ad campaign, search of course, and maybe some sort of location-based mobile ad campaign – with each channel focusing on different parts of a purchase funnel. It’s another input for the attribution machine – the social influencer! Read more.

Cadreon Comes To Australia

What’s this? Cadreon news! That’s right -the first news about IPG and Mediabrands trading desk in months hit the newsstands in Australia. Mediabrands Australia exec Henry Tajer tells B&T, “Launching Cadreon here accelerates our performance in digital communications. Clients including ZUJI, Hyundai, and L’Oreal are already working with Cadreon and experiencing significant performance improvements.” Read more.

TidalTV Enters Privacy Game

TidalTV announced that it, too, will offer the privacy icon which allows consumer opt-out of behaviorally-targeted video ads. This time it’s for in-stream video ads. The release states, “The clickable icon, originally designed for display advertisements, posed special challenges for in-stream video ads, which often include more complex creative elements, as well as sound and motion.” Challenges no more, claims TidalTV. Read the release.

Can You Say, “Audience Buying”?

The Wall Street Journal’s Suzanne Vranica reports that General Motors has put its “global media-buying account into review, citing a need to ‘improve the efficiency and effectiveness’ of its media purchasing.” Do I need to say anything more here from the digital perspective? $2.1 billion in ad spend.

7 More To Go

Facebook has let it be known through Bloomberg that it will be acquiring 20 companies in 2011. In that they’ve acquired 13 companies to-date, that’s seven more by year-end. Bloomberg’s Brian Womack writes, “Many of Facebook’s deals have been targeted at adding talent as the company vies with larger rivals for skilled technology workers. Google has announced plans to hire about 6,000 people this year globally.” Read more. Will Facebook move beyond the acqui-hire and go for a big “Magilla“? – How about AppNexus to optimize the Facebook ad ecosystem? Any Facebook interest would force Microsoft to acquire AppNexus – or not. AppNexus culture would fit better with Facebook than Microsoft.

Tossing The Flash Cookie

MediaPost’s Wendy Davis reports that Specific Media has settled its Flash cookie lawsuit with the plaintiff. “As part of the resolution, Specific, which in late June acquired MySpace.com, said it had not used Flash cookies to track users in the past, and would not do so in the future,” writes Davis. Read it.

The Creative Moat

Creative, ad tech, marketplace, crowdsourcing, search firm, Moat… has raised fresh capital. Not a ton of cash ($1.5 million), but as TechCrunch says, it could be thought of as “smart money.” Investors in this “round” include Ron Conway’s SV Angel, Founder Collective, First Round Capital and others. Read a bit more.

Anarchist Management

MediaCom Chief Strategist muses on her media agency’s blog about management styles including her own: “When I launched our strategy team at MediaCom back in the day, I was careful to explain to [the team] my own personal management style. I told them that we were not a hierarchical structure, but more of an Anarcho-syndicalist commune where ideas ruled rather than authority.” Read a bit more about Anarcho-management here.


On his personal blog, GGV Ventures’ Jeff Richards (investments include Appirio, BlueKai, Buddy Media and Evolv) says that in spite of “stormy seas” in the public markets, the IPO is still possible. He writes, “Going public is another mechanism for raising growth capital for good companies. (…) For existing shareholders and management who aren’t selling any shares in the offering, the price of the offering is important (because they incur dilution), but not as important as where the company’s stock is trading 12-36 months later.” Read more. With many ad tech-related firms thinking of the public offering possibilities, could an IPO in a down market be the ultimate validation?

How Big, Big Data?

How does Yahoo! handle its big data? I know I’ve wondered. This topic is discussed in a bit of detail in an interview with Yahoo! chief strategy officer and Y! Labs man Prabhakar Raghavan; Andrei Groder, who is a “fellow” and VP, Computational Advertising; and Justin Yao, research scientist.who tell tell Forbes in a video interview that they capture 50 terabytes per DAY. The analysis of this data helps Yahoo! target its users whether its content or advertising. See it now. (source: Yahoo! Advertising blog)


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