New DoubleClick Offering Syncs The Pixel; Oracle Still Buying; Deluxe Drinks OrangeSoda

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It’s The Pixel

Yesterday’s DoubleClick marketing event appeared to be a success if a “few thousand viewers” via a livestream is any indication. The event announced new integrations within the DoubleClick marketing stack known formally as DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Invite Media-like tech is getting connected into the DoubleClick For Advertiser ad server offering as exchange buying gets more efficient for the big DFA clients. There’s more in AdExchanger’s piece by Zach Rodgers. Here’s the main thing – that pixel or cookie that you audience buyers love to use is now becoming available across channels (“Dart for Advertisers, Invite Media, DoubleClick Search, creative platforms (DoubleClick Studio, DoubleClick Rich Media and Teracent)”). It’s synced – that’s the idea anyway. For example, if you are buying search through DoubleClick Search, it will be even easier to retarget those fish that got away through display and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange because you can use the same cookie pool. Even Google competitor and Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise remarked to AdExchanger, “In a digital ad tech world where innovation has come in the form of hundreds of fragmented point solutions, this strategy is genius.” Has Wise given up? Oh no, he’s positioning as the independent alternative. Read even more about the event from Rebecca Lieb on iMedia Connection.

Oracle Adds To Social Intellect

Oracle is continuing to gobble up social media-related marketing companies. Yesterday’s “victim” is a social listening service called Collective Intellect. The release explains, “Collective Intellect’s cloud-based social intelligence solutions enable organizations to monitor, understand and respond to consumers’ conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.” If you know what the customer is saying, hopefully, you can better service them. Read it.

2B Free Ads For Industry Push

The IAB has locked down more than two billion impressions for its “YourChoices” pro bono effort to spread the gospel, er, educate consumers about ad targeting. “This new industry campaign explains the benefits of online marketing communications, offers solutions for legitimate privacy concerns, directs consumers toward additional resources, and effectively demystifies the web,” says a release. Media space was donated by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and a couple dozen other ad nets and publishers. Its an extension of the “Privacy Matters” campaign, which launched three years ago with just 500 million donated ads. Seemed like a lot at the time. Quadruple the urgency?

Facebook Targets Mobile

On ClickZ, Christopher Heine covers new mobile ad targeting available through Facebook as the social kingpin will allow advertisers to choose whether they want to target mobile or the PC via the company’s sponsored stories product. TBG Digital CEO Simon Mansell tells ClickZ, “It ‘opens up ads to businesses [that] have invested in building mobile apps,’ (…). He said the development also creates opportunities for specifically targeting on-the-go consumers with products like suntan lotion and restaurant chain coupons.” Or even insect repellant! Read it.

More Place Data Please

To go big, hyperlocal needs to scale its data. PlaceIQ and Verve Wireless are hooking up to plug the former’s place-based data – think photos, events, social actions – into Verve’s ad platform. Says Verve CEO Tom MacIsaac, “We understand where the user is and PlaceIQ understands the context of that location and together we can help brand advertisers reach people based user segments that were otherwise unavailable in mobile.” Read the release.

Invite Media Founders Leave, Begin

“When Google called in early 2010 to ‘explore the DSP space,’ we were nervous. We wanted to be the one picked for the dance. We used to say that ‘if Google was going to buy someone, we wanted it to be us,’ and we meant it.” And so goes the farewell-to-Google post on Nat Turner’s personal blog as he and Invite Media co-founder Zach Weinberg are leaving Google to start a yet-to-be-fully-revealed “healthcare IT” company. Read more.

The Chart

On GigaOm, Ki Mae Heussner reviews the history of the LUMA Partners chart with Terence Kawaja. Heussner teases,”So how did Kawaja know that he might be onto something with the slide? In part because of how the investment bankers around him were reacting. ‘I’m of the view that, as you go through life, think about what an investment banker would do and do the opposite.'” Read more. Kawaja did his best Ricky Gervais at yesterday’s DoubleClick marketing event, too.

Check Printer Loves Marketing

Deluxe – you know, the check company – has bought internet marketing services company Orange Soda for $27.7 million. Read more. How is this possible? Checks? Marketing? Well, Deluxe already has a marketing services unit and if you’re familiar with the model used by American Express to target small business with an array of offerings (like Clickable and Adready), Deluxe is doing the same sort of thing. If you’ve got your hooks in a business, might as well offer them some help on the marketing front.

Brand Research

Solve Media has put a twist on its CAPTCHA ads and is now asking questions that speak to brand research with a tool called Brand Tags. Ad Age’s Jason Del Rey explains, “Starting today, more and more of Solve’s 4,500 partnering publisher sites will display Captchas that display a brand’s logo instead of squiggly letters, and instruct web visitors to type in a word or phrase that they think best describes the brand.” Read more.

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