Facebook Likes Web; JP Morgan’s Khan Talks Display And Its Inhibitions; Geffs On The Value Chain Challenges And Opportunities

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Facebook “Likes” Web

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an update to the social networking giant’s platform at Facebook’s F8 developer conference.  In addition to the Facebook Connect brand disappearing (covered here by CNET), Zuckerberg says simply, “We have redesigned Facebook Platform to offer a simple set of tools that sites around the web can use to personalize experiences and build out the graph of connections people are making.” According to PaidContent, specifically, new social plug-ins will be an important part of the company’s strategy going forward offering capabilities, for example, that “let visitors to third-party websites indicate to their Facebook contacts that they “Like” a specific piece of content, without having to log-in to the third-party site (The user does, of course, have to be logged in to Facebook). To add the plugin, websites only have to add one line of code.” Read more from PaidContent. And, read Mark Zuckerberg on the Facebook blog.

JP Morgan’s Khan Delivers

JP Morgan Managing Director, Imran Khan, delivered the keynote at the recent Pontiflex CPL Summit. Among his many observations, Khan says, “There are three factors inhibiting the growth of display:  a) Banner blindness b) Low click-through rates due to lack of relevance c) Too high a focus by publishers on page views that provides a sub-optimal user experience.”  The video of Khan’s keynote is available on the Pontiflex blog here.

Acquisition Tipping Point

Jordan-Edmiston’s Tolman Geffs reprises themes from his IAB Annual Leadership Meeting speech in “Get Ready for the Coming Land War in Online Display Ads” on Ad Age. Geffs suggests that consolidation will sweep the industry as too many players are trying to squeeze in the value chain. That said, there are new challenges in digital media to be solved, too. He writes, “We expect many publishers to view monetizing their data as an important supplemental revenue stream.” Read more.

Twitter = Audience + Revenue

Yes, more Twitter! FolioMag.com looks at the wonderful world of Twitter and a new service called LiveIntent which “says it can offer a way to boost followers, revenue and that all-important  ‘resonance’ for publishers in the Twitter world.”  Sounds kinda cool. Writer Matt Kinsman adds, “LiveIntent offers the technology for free to publishers while offering a 50-50 revenue share on the sponsored feeds, which it sells via a “vickrey auction” in which the top bidder ends up paying the second highest bidder’s price.”  Well, pork belly my tweets! (source: @liveintent)

Calling All Angels

Managing Partner of IA Venture Strategies, Roger Ehrenberg gives his Top 9 things he’d like to see happen “for the good of the NYC venture scene.” Within his wish list, Ehrenberg writes that he’d like to see “some successful NYC-based serial entrepreneurs with $5 million of spare change to get super active in the angel investor ecosystem.” Read it.

Taming More Chaos

Lotame’s Eric Porres extends Brian Morrissey’s AdWeek article with his own thoughts on “Taming Online Chaos” which covering the ad verification space populated by companies like DoubleVerify, AdSafe, and AdXpose. Porres says there are a bunch of other “tax levies” in the online value chain and then lists them all In the end, he circles back to the verifiers’ mission, “In the end, transparency from the platform up ensures that a marketer gets a fair bang for his or her buck, and that bang isn’t placed in places where the sun doesn’t shine.” Tell it.

Jumptap Evolves Its Mobile Ads

In another effort by an industry company to offer ad management features to the consumer, mobile ad network, Jumptap, announced in a release that “it will implement a new platform feature that enables mobile consumers to manage their own profiles for a more personalized brand experience.” Dan Olschwang , President and CEO of Jumptap says in the release, “In the near future, there will be only one advertising platform that matters — the one driven by consumers.” Read it.

Managing Facebook Ads

As ad networks and demand-side platforms leverage Facebook’s huge reach along with other buying opportunities such as exchanges, companies are stepping into just focus on Facebook. BLiNQ Media, led by Dave Williams, prior co-founder of 360i, announced in a release that that they, too, will provide a platform for managing Facebook ads. The new platform will provide campaign management, hyper-segmentation (described as “detail-level audience multi-variable testing and targeting” and more), audience insights by keyword and reporting across targeting options. Read the release. And, see the site.

Quantcast On Moto

Quantcast looks at its mobile cookie data and finds that Motorola has been on a tear for the past 6 months as the struggling handset manufacturer (among other devices) rides the Droid wave. From Quantcast: “While Motorola have a number of devices that are used to access the web, all of the recent growth is attributable to their Android devices the Droid and CLIQ (aka MB200).” See the graphs.

Form Formula

In a post by Tomasz Lewandowski of Bluerank, on the Google Analytics blog, Lewandowski gives exact formulas for figuring out the value of online submission forms in terms of performance. He writes, “When we want to measure the quality of a landing page, we check the Bounce Rate. However, in the case of measuring the quality of a form, we introduce a new metric called Form Error Rate.” See if you rate.

In Review: Online Video Ads

Nate Elliott, a principal analyst at Forrester Research reviews data collected in a study of leading media properties in Q4 2009 that shows “85% of US web sites and 64% of European sites now accept in-stream ads. And we saw more advertising per online video hour than ever before.” The two things the sites had in common: “1) All the sites are primarily in the TV business; 2) All these examples sprang up post-recession.” Read about in-stream ad frequency and more.

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