Facebook Shutters Ad Network – For Now; Google Tracking Online/Offline

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Shuttering Ad Network

All Things D’s Peter Kafka reports that Facebook has suspended plans to create a mobile ad network for now.  Facebook spokesman Brandon McCormick tells Kafka by email: “We are pausing our mobile ads test off of Facebook. While the results we have seen and the feedback from partners has been positive, our focus is on scaling ads in mobile news feed before ads off of Facebook. We have learned a lot from this test that will be useful in the future.” Mobile ad network failure? Read more. Or first things first? – get Facebook ads fully-primed.

Amping Attribution, Search-Display

On the DoubleClick Search Advertising blog yesterday, Google announced that its improving its attribution capabilities by bringing offline conversion data online.  “Upload new conversions to account for in-store transactions, call-tracking, or other offline activities, or edit existing conversions to account for discounts, returns, credit, or fraud through integrated API access.” Read all of the new features.  From his personal blog, VivaKi’s Marco Bertozzi builds on the Google announcements and says his agency group is display remarketing from search ads and provides a company press release of sorts. He explains, “The integration between DoubleClick Bid Manager (was ‘Invite Media’) and DoubleClick Search 3 provides the ability to split referring keywords into specific groups based around different levels of interest and exercise bid strategies appropriately, re-igniting the potential of clicks that did not deliver an outcome in the first instance.” Read more.

Beauty of a Q3

Digital ad spend is still riding the “up” escalator, according to IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers’s quarterly industry yardstick. “This uptick goes beyond a significant year-over-year increase at 18 percent, and also shows a climb from last quarter as well,” said PwC partner David Silverman. “Clearly, digital advertising is continuing its positive trajectory with incredible momentum as it heads into seasonally strong Q4.” Press release.

Sorting Through The Big Data

IBM went into acquisition mode again yesterday and bought a company called StoredIQ, a company that provides “visibility & control over unstructured enterprise data.”  This purchase is for the legal and CIO types as the press release describes the benefits of IBM’s new prize: “Eliminating unnecessary cost and risk with defensible disposal of unneeded data; Enabling businesses to realize the full value of information as it ages; Aligning cost to the value of information; Reducing information risk by automating privacy, e-discovery, and regulatory policies.” Read the release.  Part of the message: some “big data” is worthless or dangerous!

Yahoo’s Ad Tech

Marissa Mayer’s strategy for Yahoo! has yet be fully-revealed so Adweek’s Mike Shields takes a crack at it. He questions the wisdom of acquiring companies in the ad tech ecosystem by Yahoo!, “…Why double down on ad tech, particularly when [trying to capture] the hearts and minds of big brands? Or would Mayer simply be happy relegating Yahoo to a direct response-oriented ad seller…” Read more. From here, bottom line is Mayer wants talent.

EU Cookie Yawn

eConsultancy describes an “activity update” from the EU Information Commissioner’s Office, regarding complaints & enforcement of the controversial ePrivacy directive (a.k.a. the EU cookie law). “Six months after the enforcement ‘deadline’, it seems that the cookie apocalypse hasn’t transpired, but the ICO has felt the need to write to 174 companies about their cookie policies,”  Total complaints  from web users number about 550. For perspective, 53,000 have reported  unwanted marketing, so cookie infractions (and user concerns about them) are a tiny blip on the radar. More.

Email Retargeting

A use case with Marketo is on display in a Yahoo Mail Retargeting sales pitch on the Yahoo Ads site.  Feel the fever: “Marketo used Yahoo! Mail Retargeting to identify leads based on the emails and newsletters they receive in Yahoo! Mail from firms that provide relevant services. By targeting the domains of its competitors, Marketo could reach a bigger qualified audience across Yahoo! through highly targeted display ads for less money than it spent on search keywords.” Read more.

When DSPs Predict

Flagellating himself on his company blog, Triggit CEO Zach Coelius reviews his 2012 industry predictions from last year.  Regarding the domination of Google that he expected, Coelius pleads failure while belying Triggit’s own, new business model: “2012 was clearly the year of Facebook in pretty much every category and yet I didn’t mention them once in last year’s predictions. I really have no excuse for missing this one. The writing was on the wall and I simply ignored it. Massive fail.” Triggit’s $7.4 million in funding doesn’t sound like failure to me. Read more. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Zach.


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