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Surveying The Twitter

Twitter announced yesterday that, with the help of Nielsen, it would let brands survey Twitter users regarding promoted tweet campaigns.  Twitter VP of Brand Strategy Joel Lunenfeld discusses the implementation in a Twitter Ads blog post, “This is a native experience for the user, and we believe it will give brands better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement on Twitter.” Read the post.  That’s nice.. but, I keep waiting for something bigger from Twitter. How about positioning it as a survey that leverages the Twitter user base and Twitter targeting to show cross-channel brand lift?  Twitter is a pulsing feedback machine – seems like there’s bigger fish to fry than just measuring the efficacy of Promoted Tweets.  More from Kate Kaye on ClickZ.

Agency Dollar

It’s no secret IPG’s Mediabrands wants performance-based pay, or that it has met with some push-back and inertia. As reported by Mediapost’s Steve McClellan, “The agency encountered two major obstacles on the analytics side of its business that blocked the development of viable pay-for-performance models.” Huw Griffiths, an analytics exec with Mediabrands’ UM, told an audience at Advertising Week that a lot of the data that needed to be analyzed was ‘siloed and disconnected,’ he said. And some of the data wasn’t granular enough to provide the kinds of insights the agency felt were necessary to devise new compensation schemes.” Read more.

Data-Driven Ads

Google continues to merge its Google Analytics and AdWords products as the company discussed the new features in a blog post yesterday, “After setting up AdWords to import your Google Analytics data, you’ll have access to key metrics like Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, and Average Visit Duration directly in the AdWords interface.” Read more.  This follows the integration of retargeting capabilities into GA.

The Biddable Media Engineer

The Media Kitchen’s Barry Lowenthal announces the creation of a new role at his agency on MediaPost. He writes, “While the technology continues to improve and more inventory sources are lit up for RTB, we can begin improving performance by sharing data. Search data can help us identify different data segments to buy on the exchanges and vice versa. As a result, we see the need to create a bridge — and that person is called a Biddable Media Engineer.”  Read more.

Sell Your Own Data

If it’s true that two-thirds of consumers don’t want advertisers surreptitiously monitoring their web activity, perhaps they would be amenable to selling their personal data directly. That’s the proposition of ad tech startup Enliken. (AdExchanger Q&A from August). In a profile by the NYT’s Jessica Bruder, founder Marc Guldimann says, “When you empower people to control something, you make them feel good. It’s a chemical reaction in their head. They’re like, ‘This makes me feel great. I’m going to share more information because I feel in control.’” Read it.

Connected TV KC

Unnerved by the possibility that Google could swamp them in Kansas City – and elsewhere –  with its ominous-sounding dark fiber initiative, AT&T and Time Warner want the same incentives that Google received from the city of Kansas City to set up its high speed network. The WSJ explains, “Among the sweeteners granted Google by both cities are free office space and free power for Google’s equipment, according to the agreement on file with the cities. The company also gets the use of all the cities’ ‘assets and infrastructure’—including fiber, buildings, land and computer tools, for no charge. Both cities are even providing Google a team of government employees ‘dedicated to the project.’” Rumors about free steaks abound, too.  Read more (subscription).

Salve The Sales Leader

Doug Weaver consoles the sales leader beseiged by acronyms and stacks on his Upstream Group blog, “ …Tech vendors and other experts have consistently piled more and more new flavors into the freezer:  last week optimization was the thing….then RTB alignment with Demand Side Platforms…today viewability…and on and on.  To the sales leader – who deals with a complex set of shifting demands that span revenue, customization, personnel, channel conflict – it can all seem disingenuous  and confused.” He offers the three C’s as an antidote. Get comfortably numb.

All Ads Must Be Viewable

Ari Brandt is tired of digital ad industry whining about online media not getting its proper due. Writing in Mediapost, the former Condé Nast exec and current head of social analytics provider Mediabrix says bluntly that the industry’s direct response-focused measurements and paltry creative options have left online undeserving of premium budgets. He’s the latest to propose “viewability” as the way to change marketers’ minds. “I’m calling for us all to adopt viewable impressions, which will force the industry to stop commoditizing digital ads… this is still an issue today, some four years later, with a glut of premium and remnant inventory running through ad exchanges.” Read more.

Mobile Shopping Carts Abandoned

Whatever the retail innovation, Amazon tends to get there first. Its synchronization of the mobile and desktop shopping cart is a great example with some ad implications to boot. eConsultancy’s David Moth compares several UK brands and finds mobile shopping carts are, well, abandoned. More.

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