isocket Lays Down Display Ad Futures, Programmatic Buying Gauntlet; Flite Launches App Store For Display

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Buying Display Ad Futures

Claiming an industry first, isocket says that it is launching a programmatic platform for the purchase of guaranteed display ad inventory (isocket calls this “Class 1”). How can they make such a bold claim? isocket already had the guaranteed display ad marketplace called BuyAds, they just needed the platform and APIs with which buying partners can hook up – and they are. CEO John Ramey says there’s “bennies” for both advertisers and publishers. Read the blog post. Also mentioned in the post is the fact that isocket currently provides a previously announced plugin into Google’s DoubleClick For Publisher ad server. Imagine big brand, DFP publishers starting to use this? Given the transparent nature of isocket’s model, the big challenge for big pubs and isocket will be liquidity. But, the publisher sales team members in charge of selling display may start looking over their collective shoulder as the shadow of automation approaches. In a conversation with, Ramey sees the plugin, the marketplace and the new programmatic buying platform as part of the end-to-end solution that his company offers. isocket is yet another “plumber” in the ecosystem, but one with a unique proposition around guaranteed inventory. More here on TechCrunch including the hiring of former Rubicon-er Ben Trenda. Question for DSP-types: what do you say to brand clients who want that “Class 1”? You know that in order to make their campaigns work (scale, ROI), you may need to turn remnant into data-driven, RTB’d gold.

Display App Store

Get out. An “app store” for display ads? Display is getting funner (my word), if it wasn’t a blast already! Display ad tech company Flite announced a new product it calls “FliteHub, an ad component marketplace.” Read the release. So, let’s say you’re a content publisher of some kind, for example sweepstakes content company ePrize which is one of Flite’s initial app store participants, ePrize will have its sweeps offers available in the store. If you’re a brand advertiser, you can suck the ePrize content into your display ad unit. Flite shares the CPM revenue with the app maker – in this case, ePrize. If it doesn’t work for the advertiser, on to the next app, and so on. There’s gamification potential with an app leaderboard and more. Also, syndication – if you’re a publisher like The New York Times, why wouldn’t you stick some news feeds in this marketplace assuming Flite gives you the necessary tools to control transparency and channel conflict? Content rides again in a new way, perhaps. And, The NYT gets a rev share of its “Moms news feed” with Unilever as an advertiser, for example (this is only an example). Ch-ching. Flite already makes a white-label product which publishers can use to facilitate these deals directly. This idea is a first from here, but it would seem others with long client lists and nimble display ad technolgoy could try to quickly adopt this strategy…. Now, who could those others be?

Ad Verification Verification

DIGIDAY’s Mike Shields goes deep into the belly of ad verification and finds “challenges,” depending on who you ask. Shields quotes TechMediaNetwork CRO Mark Westlake who says about the ad verifiers, “I think the concept is good. But these companies have morphed. They use tactics to get clients scared. A lot of publishers are challenging their methods and their technology.” War! Well, maybe just a good, old-fashioned boxing match. Read more details.

Sing Attribution

Adometry (formerly two cos. – ClickForensics and Adometry) is getting into the algo as the company announced its Ad Analytics SaaS Solution Suite. The company claims in a release that the new product “automates the advertising campaign analysis and optimization process for thousands of different attribution and campaign variables.” Attribute more here.

Display On The March

Actually, a bunch of channels are on the march – but the U.S. IAB’s new, 2011, half-year review shows, “Display-related advertising—which includes banner ads, rich media, digital video and sponsorships—totaled more than $5.5 billion in the first six months of 2011. Display increased 27.1 percent over the same period in 2010, substantially exceeding the previous year’s growth rate of 16 percent.” Get the IAB details here.

Trading Desk Adds Video DSP

Omnicom Media Group’s trading desk unit, Accuen, continues to partner as TubeMogul announced that its PlayTime video ad, demand-side platform has been added to the Accuen toolkit. From the release, “Initially, the partnership will span the United States, United Kingdom and Australian markets, with potentially more to follow.” Read more. The key for Accuen is to connect results across all digital channels as it plugs-in partners.

Ad Week Cometh

Next week is Advertising Week in New York City (See “Events” section for, well, events.) and The New York Times looks at the online bigwigs will leverage their brick-and-mortar real estate to impress advertisers and their agencies. From the NYT: “While Palo Alto, California, remains a hub for computer engineers, New York has surged as a location for the virtual world’s unsung marketing and sales divisions, with Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Apple all expanding in the city since 2010.” Read more.

Retargeting B2B

Nurun’s Amy Manus covers off B2B marketing tactics including B2B retargeting in a think piece on ClickZ. She muses, “There is a more widespread knowledge of [retargeting] occurring within the consumer world, but I have found that the element of surprise is still highly engaging within the B2B environment.” Surely you agree? Read more.

Facebook Sucking Away Display Spend

Citi Wall Street analyst Mark Mahaney brought together executives from Efficient Frontier, Marin Software, Ignition One, and Didit on Monday. He says in a note to investors, “There was clear agreement among the panelists that Facebook Ad spend is drawing from Banner/Display/Brand Awareness Ad buckets (TV, Print, Online) as opposed to from Direct Response/Search buckets. This is consistent with our recent Facebook/Social Media research report findings.” Is the Facebook ad spend migration that Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan discussed earlier this month on already in motion?


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    Thanks, John! Just wanted to clarify a point here…

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