RIM Thinking Mobile Ad Network; Clearspring Data Gets WSJ WTK Spotlight; Intel Boosts M&A

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RIM Thinking Ad Network

MocoNews’ Tricia Duryee discusses rumors that RIM, makers of the uber-popular Blackerry mobile device, is sniffing mobile ad networks as a pre-cursor to an acqusition. Duryee adds, “RIM’s user base can be looked at as a valuable demographic for advertisers, given that a majority of its install base are business users. However, those users can be already targeted today by using existing mobile ad networks, so presumably, RIM would be able to bring something additional to the table if it owned its own network.” Read more. Will it be Millennial Media, Mobclix, [Your-Favorite-Mobile-Ad-Network-Here]?

Clearspring In The WSJ WTK Series

“Add this to the list of consumer-data collection tactics that can raise eyebrows: Clearspring Technologies’ ‘AddThis’ button,” writes Emily Steele in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal as the publications “What They Know” series continues. Evidently Steele’s reporting was having impact even before it was published as she says, “The Wall Street Journal contacted AOL about its relationship with Clearspring last Friday. AOL said it started removing Clearspring’s AddThis technologies by Sunday.” Read more.

Intel Buys McAfee For Billions

It’s not ad technology but it could be another catalyst to growing M&A momentum in digital media. Intel has purchased Internet security services firm McAfee for $7.68 billion. From the release: “[The] acquisition enables a combination of security software and hardware from one company to ultimately better protect consumers, corporations and governments as billions of devices – and the server and cloud networks that manage them – go online.” Read the release. And, more on TechCrunch.

Akamai Seeing 3 Years To Wireless Future

Akamai CEO Paul Sagan said at a recent conference that the mobile, wireless future is not far way. Ground Report provides the details, “Notable were Sagan’s statements that ‘mobile will exceed wired access in less than three years,’ and that China has almost double Japan’s number of unique IP address, leading to exponentially larger economic opportunity.” Read more.

Online Video Momentum

BrightCove said in a release on Wednesday that it is seeing strong interest in its video platform product offering saying “that the company has doubled the size of its global customer base in the first half of 2010 to more than 1,800 media publishers in 48 countries.” Read it.
And, more from NewTeeVee.

Analytics API

The Google Analytics blog announced a new API that may be of interested to publishers and marketers alike. From the blog: “The Management API provides read-only access to Google Analytics configuration data. It consists of 5 new Google Data Feeds that map directly to the Google Analytics data model.” Get your Google “hooks” now.

iAd Campaign Lethargy

ClickZ’s Jack Marshall looks at how mobile advertising networks are able to leverage iAd campaign implementation delays to their benefit including yesterday’s “turnaround time” announcement from Greystripe and the Wall Street Journal story that started the iAd delay conversation as luxury marketer Channel SA cancelled a slow-to-get-off-the-ground iAd campaign. Read more.

iVillage Adding UGC

Mediaweek’s Mike Shields takes a look at new efforts by iVillage to extend into social media with a user-generated content section. From Mediaweek: “iVillage—in a partnership with NBC Local Media–will kick off a quest to identify 10 opinionated, outspoken and well-informed women. These users will either be from the large pool of frequent iVillage.com commenters or from the blogosphere.” Read more about iVoices.

The Pricing Manager

Brent Halliburton shares a few anecdotes on the Cogmap blog about the importance of the pricing or delivery manager and that these ‘ninja’ are not simply ad traffickers. He writes, “Delivery managers are the people that take on the risk in the organization. Their willingness to take responsibility for making a CPA campaign work makes or breaks the success of an organization.” Read more.

Retargeting B2B

B to B Online reports that B2B media company Canon Communications is offering retargeting services through Google DoubleClick’s Boomerang services to its B2B clientele. Read more. Retargeting is sexxxx-ay!

The Web Dead

Union Square Ventures’ Albert Wenger steps into the Wired-inspired, “Web is Dead” conversation and asks, “How well does completely open work on the web? Or put differently: are there limits to decentralization on the web?” He concludes there are limits – but some of those limits may not be so bad -and incentives may lead to decentralization. Read more.
Read more.

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