Groupon Gets Its Local Ads IPO; Dayparting Mobile; Big Q3 Growth For Digital In Australia

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Groupon Has $700 Million

Groupon finally went public on Friday effectively putting an end to stories about Groupon trying to go public. Read about it. In the process, the IPO gates may not have swung wide open for advertising-related tech startups, but the gates at least become ajar in spite of global economic turmoil. Groupon was worth about $16.5 billion thanks to the public markets Friday. It’s unclear beyond the founders and investors how much employees received, but, multiple millionaires in Groupon’s Chicago offices could help breed more tech startup investment in that city and beyond. Meanwhile, local ads has an even more formidable player – Groupon – that has $700 million in cash which it can use to solidify its “deals” position and perhaps branch into new areas. We’ve all been hit by Groupon display ads which are often retargeting or linked to Groupon emails. Groupon is and will be a display advertising force. Perhaps the Groupon “stack” is possible? How about Groupon buys OpenX so it can own its ad server rather than license it? That would make OpenX investor Accel Partners happy ever since Accel was allegedly snubbed last year by Microsoft, who picked AppNexus as its server of choice.

Speed The Data

Metamarkets’ CTO Mike Driscoll talks software on his company’s blog and explores the Hadoop software framework and its ability to process versus query. Facebook engineers’ introduction of HIVE may have solved the query challenge, but Driscoll says, “There remains a painful challenge that Hive and Hadoop does not solve for: speed. More specifically, Hadoop does not respond anywhere close to ‘human time’, a term that describes response thresholds acceptable to a human user, typically on the order of seconds. Larry Ellison and his marketing mavens invoke a similar theme when pitching their wares as ‘analytics at the speed of thought.'” Dive into “the weeds” for the speed solution here.

Dayparting Mobile Engagement

Millennial Media SVP of marketing Mack McKelvey takes the reader on a dayparting of the mobile consumer in a think piece on Mobile Marketer. She says engagement is happening all day and identifies three time periods which consist of “Mobile Mornings”, “Mobile Workday” and finally “‘Mobile Primetime’ – From 5 p.m. to midnight, where mobile users switch to social interaction and entertainment-focused content.” Interesting take on the mobile day. Read more.

Google The Marketer

Ad Age’s Michael Learmonth notes that Google has slowly embraced marketing, even Super Bowl ads, over the past few years as it looks to promote its products. Learmonth says, “Google is developing its own particular style based on the idea that products should prove themselves in the market.” Learn where the Google founders fit within this vision.

Get Your Mobile Commerce On

Sucking the data from 500 retailers, IBM’s 4th annual Coremetrics Benchmark predictions were released late last week and according to eWeek’s Darryl Taft, “Total online sales in November will experience impressive growth of 12 to 15 percent over the same period in 2010, IBM also predicted that record numbers of consumers will shift their shopping from the PC to their mobile device this holiday season.” Retargeting in mobile becomes ever more important in spite of the clear challenges in finding users in the more targeting-restricted mobile environment. Read it.

20% Growth For Online Ads

The latest data Down Under says that online advertising experienced 20% year-over-year growth in Q3 according to the IAB Australia. Australia’s AdNews says, “Search and directories had the lion’s share of spend with 52.7% and increased 30%. General display advertising accounted for 23.9% of expenditure and grew 8% while classifieds made up 23.4% of spend and increased 15%.” Read more.

Getting Simpler

MediaPost’s Steve Smith interviews The Financial Times’ Jon Slade about how his publishing company’s online arm is able to make its paywall work (up to 250k subscribers at last count) alongside behavioral ad targeting needs. Slade tells MediaPost “that from a publisher’s perspective he has started to see a ‘sea change’ lately where technology solution are starting to take the reigns of the massive complexity they have built and started to simplify and clarify.” Things are getting simpler. Hooray!

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