Jumptap On Click Indicator Metrics; RTB Platform Progress; IBM Targets Social

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Clicks Matter And Don’t

A new study from Jumptap finds that clickthrough rate is not necessarily an indicator of good or bad performance. From the release: “Jumptap compared data from 10 major gaming advertisers in May and found that a campaign could have a very low CTR but a high conversion rate, or a high CTR and a low conversion rate.” What’s a marketer to do? Or a mobile publisher for that matter? Read the release, and get the study.

IBM And Social

On DM News, Nicole Spector writes that the latest update to IBM’s Customer Experience Suite aims at “new enterprise demands due to consumer upticks in mobile and social media adoption.” She quotes IBM’s Lisa Lucadamo Jarrett who says, “Owned social communities can now be connected to external social networks like Facebook.” Read more. And, read the release. It will be interesting to see if IBM acquires or creates a paid media tool to “pour” through a product such as this.

RTB Publisher

On MediaPost, CEO Skip Brand of Martini Media claims that real-time bidding (RTB) has a huge upside for publishers and includes a list of five types of data points which are of value to publishers in an RTB environment including, “Brand lift: If you don’t think brand lift is important, I need to ask you to go no further than Nielsen’s purchase of Vizu on July 2. Arguably the biggest media measurement company in the world purchased a small company that makes it its business to map digital marketing efforts to traditional brand metrics.” Read it.

I Want My RTB

Alex White, GM of Data and Trading at MediaMind, spreads the love on iMedia Connection and says that changes in the AppNexus platform signifies, in part, real-time bidding (RTB) is maturing. White writes, “When the AppNexus Platform opened up to a plug-and-play model earlier this year, it was a huge shift in how we’ve previously thought about online display buying. Suddenly, buyers no longer had to negotiate separate deals with vendors for access to targeting and data tools that improve RTB performance and efficiency. They could simply turn on different tools within an open platform and monitor the results to find the perfect mix of targeting technologies.” Read it.

Can You Pick Up, Please?

Responding on his personal blog to a NY Times article that suggested tech companies aren’t interested in answering the phone, venture capital maven Mark Suster says it’s more about turning the customer into the product. Audience buying is at the center of it as he explains: “Google, Facebook & Twitter all provide free services to end users and we eat them up. But they make the overwhelming majority of their money from advertising. They are selling audiences to advertisers. They are packaging you up into demographic and psychographic audiences – all the better to be purchased by brands trying to reach large niche audiences. They offer targeting tools for geographies, married people, parents, income levels, political affiliation – everything.” People are ads. Read more.

Ad Tech And Healthcare

In a post on his personal blog, Nat Turner, the former CEO of Invite Media who is busy on a new healthcare-related startup, sees a connection between the risk shifting in online ad tech between advertisers and publishers, and the healthcare industry. He writes, ” If you look ad ad-tech, over the last 15 years there has also been a shift of risk from publishers to advertisers. (…) Then, companies like Ad.com and others popped up (…) who allowed advertisers to pay out on CPA and thus pay for media only when that media generates a sale for them. That created a full risk shift to the publisher, which made them accountable for the performance of the media and in theory aligned the industry.” What it all means.

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