Lindsay Lohan Has Low RPM – Pass It On; Pictela Certified By Microsoft; Apple Reports And Jobs Rants

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RPM Shoot-out: Egg Recall Vs. Lindsay Lohan

Perfect Market ( Q&A) has released a new study which it says shows that raw page views are not necessarily the best revenue strategy. Looking at Revenue Per Thousand Pages (RPMs) across what is presumably its own client base of publishers, the company discovered that talking about Lindsay Lohan all day isn’t necessarily the best way to increase yield. Perfect Market’s Vault Index, which “aggregates online RPMs from specific news articles about those topics” showed the following RPMs: “Mortgage Rates, $93; Immigration Reform, $26; Egg Recall, $20; (…) articles on the Lindsay Lohan sentencing averaged $2.50.” Read the release.

More Digital Ad Spend Numbers

PaidContent’s David Kaplan reports on the latest ad spend update from IPG’s MAGNAGLOBAL which says that things are looking good for digital. Kaplan writes, “When 2010 is over, web ad dollars will hit $25.6 billion up by 12.1 from 2009. With display having come back strong over the past several months, MAGNAGLOBAL research head Brian Wieser pointed to the continuing growth in e-commerce, which rose during the second quarter by 14 percent from Q209.” Read more from PaidContent.

Pictela Certified By MSFT

Pictela has put into place the final piece of the rich media certification pie (the pie = AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo) as MediaPost’s Joe Mandese reports that Microsoft has given its blessing: ” Microsoft (…) was perhaps the toughest of the major portals to certify Pictela’s ad serving platform, which is capable of delivering high density and high definition content directly into standard online advertising formats on existing publishers’ pages.” Read more. On Pictela’s site, more details: “Microsoft also becomes the first portal to offer Pictela on a publisher pay basis. This agreement between allows marketers and their agencies to buy online display media on MSN and Windows Live with Pictela technology built in.” Read it.

Apples Strong, Jobs Throwing Punches

Apple reported its third quarter 2010 earnings and, no surprise, the company is printing serious money as “The Company posted record revenue of $20.34 billion and net quarterly profit of $4.31 billion, or $4.64 per diluted share,” according to the press release. As The New York Times reports though, “Buried among quarterly results that any company would be more than happy to emulate was a decline in gross profit margins. Investors disliked the small blemish, sending Apple’s shares down.” Read the NYT. Moreover, Steve Jobs, who normally doesn’t appear at quarterly conference calls (funny… Eric Schmidt showed up at his Google Q3 call, too!), appeared and “tore apart Research In Motion’s strategy by questioning its ability to compete; he explained how fragmentation will bury Android and why ‘open doesn’t always win,’ and how the bevy of tablets coming in time for the holidays will be ‘dead on arrival,'” according to Tricia Duryee of MocoNews. Read about the ranting.

Pandora Brings AdReady To SMBs, Mobile

Online music service Pandora is upping its deal with AdReady by adding mobile targeting for small and medium-size businesses who wish to localize advertising via a mobile device. This isn’t all automated though as Pandora adds in the press release: “To support the growing roster of SMB advertisers, the Pandora SMB team size has continued to increase.” Read more. The local ad biz remains hot! If you aggregate, they will spend.

Last Week’s ANA Conference

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) blog opened itself to attendees of last week’s brand marketer-focused Masters of Marketing annual conference. Joshua Kidd of Siemens Corp identifies some of the panel highlights which may resonate in the ad tech world: “Focus on the customer benefits rather than the products attributes; Integrated content across multiple platforms; Embrace risk and don’t be afraid of failure.” Read more.

Yahoo! Reports Q3 Today

Ahead of the earnings release later today, Citibank analyst Mark Mahaney takes a look at possible Q3 2010 outcomes for Yahoo!: “Read-Thru From GOOG’s Q3 Results – Positive from an end-demand perspective, but negative from a competitive perspective. Google disclosed for the first time that its Display biz (YouTube, DoubleClick & Ad Network) is on a $2.5B revenue run rate. We are modeling only $1.9B in Gross Display O&O Ad revenue for Yahoo! in 2010.”

Magnetic, Tumri Hold Hands

Tumri has been busy on the business development front lately as the dynamic creative tech firm has signed another cross-pollination deal with search data exchange Magnetic. Labeling it “a deep technical integration” between Tumri and Magnetic, the companies said the partnership enables “product-specific ads based on what customers viewed on retailers’ sites, and what they are looking for on search engines and comparison shopping sites.” Read the release.

Triggering Intent

Jonathan Mendez identifies “10 intent triggers for digital media” on his personal blog. Why has he done this, you ask? Because “Never has intent been more monetized and never has the cost of not creating intent been higher” – so why not? Read more.

Rapleaf Responds To WTK

Rapleaf, which had been identified in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal What They Know article as improperly using Facebook IDs, repsonded on its company blog with an explanation as well as definitions on terms like “referrer URLs” for the consumer. From the blog: “When we discovered that Facebook ids were being passed to ad networks by applications that we work with, we immediately researched the cause and implemented a solution to cease the transmissions. As of last week, no Facebook ids are being transmitted to ad networks in conjunction with the use of any Rapleaf service.” Read more.

Buddy Media Gets $23 Million

Buddy Media, led by CEO and founder Michael Lazerow, convinced a VC group comprised of Institutional Venture Partners, SoftBank Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Bay Partners to provide $23 million in Series C financing. The company “offers brand marketers and agencies and all-in-one social media management system to help create, manage and track social campaigns on Facebook,” according to TechCrunch. Read more.

Fun Catchphrases For You And Me

First Round Capital’s Chris Fralic has something to say on recommended reading from his personal blog, “Nothing To Say.” Here’s a favorite as he quotes from a book called “Do More Faster” by TechStars David Cohen and Foundry Group VC Brad Feld: “There are some real gems in [the book] like ‘The Plural of Anecdote is not Data’ and ‘You are STUPID, Listen to your USERS or you will have NONE’ and ‘Don’t Suck at Email.'” Read more.

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