Google Responds About Opening DoubleClick Ad Exchange To Intermediary Inventory Sources

DoubleClick Ad ExchangeAs reported in today’s news round-up, during a Google “Ad Academy” session in Toronto this week, Traffick blog’s Andrew Goodman noted, “Google’s Jess Olsen soft-announced that Google’s pipeline includes a future capability to include display ad buys through other ad exchanges, not just DoubleClick’s.” Read more. asked for clarification from Google and a Google spokesperson provided the following:

“Jess was referring to the fact that we are constantly looking at a wide range of options to help improve performance for our advertiser partners. We have nothing to announce at this time.”

Well… it’s not a denial that other exchanges or intermediary inventory sources could someday link up through DoubleClick Ad Exchange and its buyers…

If and when connectivity between exchanges does happen, there will likely be more than a few considerations beforehand:

  • Data – Strict rules around the data captured by one exchange from another exchange may need to be implemented. Or, maybe exchanges will have to pay each other for access to data like bid prices and bidders etc. on other exchanges.
  • Channel Conflict – There’s also an opportunity for exchange “channel conflict,” if you will, where it may cost more to buy direct in an exchange versus buying the same impression through another exchange.
  • Settlement – And, then there’s how to settle the impression’s transaction – does the bidding exchange settle it, the selling exchange? Where and how do the costs get incurred?

I’m sure there are other factors.

It’s still early days in biddable media. In that technology brings down walls and creates efficiency at a minimum, a connected exchange world seems logical. I like the “super collider” idea – but the technology and media experts are going to have to figure that one out.

By John Ebbert

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  1. Anonymous

    Google and Yahoo! have been in talks for a long time to bid on each others’ exchanges. The conversations the lawyers have with each other trying to get the deal done is as entertaining (or sad?) as anything that is on network prime time television these days.

  2. Thank goodness – this whole exchange thing was getting to be a bit simplistic.