Cleaner Than Thou; WPP Earnings

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Cleaner Than Thou

A day after OpenX went public with some traffic quality improvements, Google wants the world to know it’s keeping things clean too. A DoubleClick blog post details those efforts, including a ban on toolbars that overlay ads and manual and automated publisher review. More. Google is known to employ a publisher-quality entourage that numbers in the hundreds.

WPP Earnings

WPP earnings are in and reportable revenues are up (according to their numbers here), although growth is slowing in emerging markets, according to Ad Age. Sorrell took the time to comment on the Publicis-Omnicom merger, making comments such as, “I don’t know what [Publicis Omnicom’s] big data business is other than noise to divert the regulator away from the heart of the regulation problem, which is the impact on traditional media.” Sorrell also acknowledged that competition will be toughest in the US market, but it’s something the company will address. Read more.

Data For Ads

It’s almost Labor Day weekend in the US, but before the holiday begins, Facebook is squeezing in a “proposal” to its users on how their data is used and managed. Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, writes, “As part of this proposed update, we revised our explanation of how things like your name, profile picture and content may be used in connection with ads or commercial content to make it clear that you are granting Facebook permission for this use when you use our services.” Read the post. Facebook wants more data to drive ads.

Mobile Ad Revs

EMarketer takes stock of mobile ad revenues from a variety of sources and estimates “48.2% of net US mobile internet ad revenues will go to Google this year, down a few points from 2012 but set to rise back above the 50% mark by 2015.” EMarketer notes Facebook’s sudden rise in mobile ads with “nearly 10% of all mobile internet ad revenues in the US [and is] on track to capture a 15.3% share of the market this year.” Read more.

Ad Network Decline

Jack Marshall looks at the declining state of the mobile ad network model in an article on Digiday. He writes, “The companies making the most money from mobile today aren’t selling mobile ads at all; they’re selling ads that happen to work on mobile. Facebook and Google are dominating the market largely because they haven’t focused on ad products tailored for specific devices. Rather, they created ad products that are native to their platforms.” Read more.

Mobile Ad Costs

Mobile app marketing company Fiksu says it’s getting more expensive for marketers to attract and keep users of their apps. Referencing its own numbers, Fiksu gives two reasons for this month’s 20% month-over-month increase: “The surge of brands using Facebook’s mobile app advertising platform, which is driving up costs and competition; and Apple’s change to the App Store rankings, which by helping the best-rated apps move up the charts likely caused mid-ranked and lower-rated apps to spend more to try to regain their position.” Read the release.

Google Ads Shopping

All Things D’s Jason Del Ray notes the disappearance of Amazon product listing ads in Google’s search engine and shopping search engine results. He sees competitive machinations in play and writes, “[I]t’s possible that Amazon’s decision to pull its Kindle product ads simply comes down to being disappointed with its return on investment for this particular advertising channel. At the same time, industry observers who have watched this dynamic closely speculate that Amazon would have to see phenomenal results to outweigh the downside of supporting what some view as the beginnings of Google’s bid to build a rival marketplace.” Read more.  Embrace, extend…build a fence.

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