ContextWeb’s Subramanian On PubVantage And PerformancePrice

ADSDAQContextWeb announced which it positions as “a new destination integrated into ADSDAQ, that enables publishers to research, rate and review any ad network and connect to them via ADSDAQ.” Read the release.

Anand Subramanian, ContextWeb’s Founder and President of the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange, discussed PubVantage as well as a new solution called PerformancePrice which “works by automatically monitoring what a publisher earns from its back-up ad networks and lets other buyers compete for that inventory” according to the release. With PerformancePrice, are you advocating that publishers not implement price floors? Can publishers still name their own price? Multiple floors allowed?

AS: ContextWeb’s business model is to create open and transparent ways for buyers and sellers to work with one another while providing full control of their pricing, budget and targeting. With the AskPrice, sellers are still able to name their own price for inventory that they sell. With the addition of the PerformancePrice, the exchange automatically monitors what a publisher earns from its back-up ad networks and lets other buyers compete and bid for their inventory. As a result, the PerformancePrice can deliver higher eCPMs for publishers than they get from their back-up ad networks. So the PerformancePrice is not a static floor but a dynamic rate based on the eCPM of the publishers back-up ad networks. The end result is that that publishers see increased revenues and higher fill rates.

Is PubVantage available to your large publishers, too? Why wouldn’t they go direct to the ad network after discovering who is best?

PubVantage is open to publishers of all sizes, both large and small. Publishers can research, rate, review and connect with buyers on the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange. As an open, bi-directional community resource, PubVantage is a single source that buyers and sellers can use to discover one another.

Can you discuss the PubVantage reporting available to publishers on each ad network? Will you identify ad networks by name with overall CPM, for example?

As part of the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange, PubVantage provides an open community for buyers and sellers to review more than 450 ad networks based on their experience with the network’s ad quality, payout, advertising type and category. All information in PubVantage is determined by the community. For example, Ad Quality and Payout ratings are measured as an averaging of all community votes on a scale from 1 to 5 stars with 1 star being the worst and 5 stars being the best. Publishers can also add specific comments regarding their experiences with those ad networks and discuss the overall CPM they experienced if they feel that is relevant.

Publishers that sell inventory on the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange also have access to reporting that shows them the eCPM they earned for the inventory that they sold to specific networks. This reporting is tied to their individual accounts. ContextWeb does not publish CPM data for networks.

By John Ebbert

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