New Mobile-Only, Display Ad Ecosystem Map From AdMeld VP Theermann

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AdMeld's VP of Mobile Marc Theermann offers his version of the LUMA Partners ad tech ecosystem map - but for mobile display. Theermann says he does not pretend that the map is complete, but says it's intended as a "first impression" which he promises to update regularly. He adds, "Online is 60x the size of mobile today. It is only natural that mobile will attract more players. This time next year, this slide will look very different."

Mobile Display Ad Ecosystem
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6 Responses to “New Mobile-Only, Display Ad Ecosystem Map From AdMeld VP Theermann”

  1. Media Buyer says:

    Interesting of AdMeld to apply this ecosystem infographic to mobile.

    However I'd argue that this is something that should be coming from an objective 3rd party, be it the MMA or even the IAB/AAAA (if they decide to also cover/regulate mobile).

    Unfortunately I think it still suffers from some of the same shortcomings of the display ecosystem chart, in that it overly simplifies something that is actually much more complex and confines a company's role to 1 bucket (rather than accounting for companies that span multiple functions).

    Additionally it puts companies that aren't represented in the ecosystem chart at a significant disadvantage, which is only highlighted by the fact that these charts are being produced by entities that are not objective & regulatory 3rd parties and instead have significant skin in the game.

    Yes the IAB/AAAA/MMA aren't stepping up however that shouldn't be used as an argument to offset the subjectivity behind these current charts.

  2. convergence is not real says:

    It is way way way way way way too early for an Eco system map for mobile. How can you stick in dsps when the infrastructure is not even in place? And mobile rtb? Come on. And if you think the same companies will dominate in mobile then you might well need help. Mobile is much more fragmented than online display.

  3. Mobile Dude says:

    Really, could you be a little more self-serving? Omitting people like 4INFO and Flurry shows you have no real idea of the mobile landscape.

  4. Dmitry Kroshka says:

    Cut the man some slack. I think it's a pretty good slide. I don't think the point here is a be all end all, but rather a clean capture of the major $$ players. 4Info is (was?) all about search, and don't tell Apple that Flurry is a data provider. This is Display, not all of Mobile.

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