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IPONWEB Buys Adternity; Havas' Earnings Report

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Buying For Display

IPONWEB gobbled up Adternity, a company specializing in workflow implementation and ad-serving solutions. The vision, according to IPONWEB CEO Boris Mouzykantskii, is to integrate IPONWEB's media-trading technology with Adternity's front-end capabilities and deepen the company's presence in the German marketplace and abroad. Are Boris and Co., known for building and selling ad tech to others such as Yahoo’s Right Media, starting to get more proprietary? Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read the press release.


Ramaswamy Talks; Medialets' Mobile Findings

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Quizzing Ramaswamy

Ever since Google’s former ad boss, Susan Wojcicki, took the reins at YouTube, Sridhar Ramaswamy has been running the company’s sprawling ad strategy. He shares some thoughts on display, video and mobile in a truncated chat with Ad Age. Addressing native, he seems to acknowledge fragmentation of ad formats is the future. The question is: “What do we need to do to work with publishers to produce ad units that are very complementary to what they want to do on their app or site?" Read it. (more…)

Facebook Offers Bandwidth-Specific Targeting; Matomy Reports Interim Results

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Weak Signal

Facebook now lets advertisers target mobile users in high-growth countries based on the strength of their network connection. “Targeting a video campaign to people with high-speed connections, and swapping in an image or link ad for people with slower connections, means ads can perform more efficiently.” Read the post. But, shouldn’t Facebook control this aspect of the user experience? At least one use case says no: Device makers can target 2G network device owners with upgrade offers. (more…)

As WPP's Millward Brown Buys Rival InsightExpress, What Role For Brand Lift Surveys In Programmatic Media?

The advertising research sector saw a bit of consolidation Tuesday, as WPP Group's Millward Brown revealed it would acquire InsightExpress. Both companies are known for survey-based approaches to advertising campaign measurement.

Speaking with AdExchanger, Millward Brown President Stephen DiMarco said there's a natural fit between these companies' traditional panel-based approaches and the rise of the programmatic media buy.

“Brand lift research has continued unabated in the emergence of programmatic media,” DiMarco told AdExchanger. “However, the next frontier will be not just collecting brand lift data on media bought by programmatic means but the enablement of brand data in the programmatic purchasing process.”

He added, “That’s where the combination of Millward Brown Digital’s brand expertise and InsightExpress’ media savvy make this union interesting for marketers."

InsightExpress' media insights are built on cross-device analytics, with a methodological approach to marketing accountability. The company's portfolio of solutions includes tools to measure display, video and mobile. AdInsights, for example, measures what impact digital advertising has on brand perception and sales. IdeaImpact, another tool, measures early stage feedback on new advertising concepts.  (more…)

WPP Reports Q2 Earnings; Gannett Bets On The Banner

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WPP Media Revs

WPP Group’s revenues rose 2.7% to reach $9 billion in the second quarter as the holding company acquired research firm InsightExpress. Read the earnings release. In an investor note, Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser notes WPP’s gross revenues this year are inflated “because of the inclusion of media inventory it takes possession of before selling along to advertisers. Including this activity, like-for-like revenues were up by 10.2%. The figure clearly is unrepresentative of WPP’s actual performance.” Hm. Are we talking about an agency or an ad platform? (more…)

Live Nation Entertainment's Programmatic Opener: Custom Audiences

livenationWhen Live Nation Entertainment appointed Xaxis alum Mike Finnegan as its first ever VP of programmatic and product innovation – a role he assumed Monday – it did so with the intention of using its first-party data to build bespoke audiences for advertisers.

Formed in 2010 when events promoter Live Nation merged with ticket sales company Ticketmaster, Live Nation Entertainment is taking advantage of programmatic’s maturation as well as its own evolution into what it describes as a digital publisher, content producer and digital solutions company.

“Low-cost banners aren’t what [advertisers] want anymore,” said Finnegan, who spent three years at Xaxis, initially building a managed service team to execute programmatic buys and later as its director of product development. “Now [programmatic is] much more focused on audience and unique media executions.”

Consequently, Live Nation Entertainment’s initial foray into programmatic will focus on that audience-creating practice, as opposed to pushing inventory onto an open exchange.

“We won’t open ourselves up to an open marketplace,” said the company’s SVP of digital sales, Jeremy Levine. “At some point, potentially, but out of the box, it’ll be customized partner-by-partner opportunities.”

Facebook's Cross-Device User ID Solution; Yahoo's Content Recommendation

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Facebook ID

Facebook is understood to be building a cross-device user ID solution that would be baked into its rebuilt Atlas ad server and provide a replacement for the beleaguered cookie. The Information has some details, gleaned from three unnamed sources. “Facebook has been pouring resources into Atlas in advance of a big new push with the product, expected to coincide with the Advertising Week trade show in late September, according to three people familiar with the plans.” (Subscription required) Pair with this AdExchanger column on Facebook’s and Google’s opportunity to reinvent the ad server with cross-device identity at the core. (more…)

Spotify’s Got Audience Segmenting Chops, But Ad Targeting Still To Come

spotifyWhile music streaming giant Spotify has the capabilities and the insights to offer marketers granular audience segmenting and hyperlocal targeting, its focus on user experience supersedes the development of advertising products, said Gary Liu, head of Spotify Labs.

The user experience is “definitely a primary focus if not the primary focus for our ad platform product,” Liu said. “Our goal has always been to participate in the consumer’s music discovery experience.”

While bombarding listeners with ads might compromise that experience, Liu added, Spotify is still exploring how it can help brands interact with its listeners.

Still, the company’s stance on advertising hasn’t changed significantly from when AdExchanger spoke to its former Europe VP, Chris Maples, a year ago. "Our philosophy is that we will deliver our products and grow our business first and then scale our ad products as well," Maples said then.

The roughly 75% of Spotify’s clientele that use its free service encounter audio ads every five or six songs, or three minutes of advertising for every hour of listening. Beyond that, advertisers can purchase banner ads or homepage takeovers. (more…)

Amazon's Display Ads;'s Second Quarter Earnings

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nlmExtending Amazon’s Data

As part of a test, Amazon has been placing display ads on some affiliate sites and paying on an impression (not conversion) basis. Blogger David Zatz takes the feature for a test drive and is pleasantly surprised despite minor bugs. "Amazon didn’t appear to honor my target CPM ($2), " Zatz wrote on Friday. "But implementation and accessibility is dead simple. And, unlike Google Adsense [sic] which is primarily pay-per-click, Amazon CPM Ads are impression-based – an approach that hasn’t always been readily available to smaller sites." Legions of publisher sites are part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, creating an opportunity to extend the Amazon data set through more display placements in a way that the company can tightly control. (more…)

Instagram's Brand Tools; Soundcloud's Foray Into Ads

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It’s finally happened: Instagram has made generally available a set of tools for brands. Read the blog. What’s in the offering? An account insights dashboard that shows impressions, reach and engagement; an ads insights dashboard that shows how paid media campaigns are performing, with the usual KPIs depicting impressions, reach and frequency; and an ad staging interface through which marketing teams can develop and preview creative. The Instagram blog post says the tools will provide “a real-time campaign summary and data showing how their target audience is responding to each of their sponsored photos. Also, brand marketers will be able to better understand the best time of day to post a photo or video.” (more…)