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Yahoo, AOL Merger Talk Bubbles Up Again; Google Tracks Store Visits

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Merger Talk

Do Yahoo and AOL belong together? Some Yahoo shareholders are trying hard to make the case, as Business Insider reporter Nicholas Carlson reports in The New York Times Magazine. These investors have advanced spreadsheets "that calculate that AOL and Yahoo are worth between 70 and 80 percent more when combined than they are apart.” The prospect is enticing to some who have lost faith in Mayer’s leadership vision and would like to see Tim Armstrong in charge of Yahoo. But even if Mayer and Armstrong could be won over, how to fit together all the overlapping parts (e.g., Read it.


Hewlett Programmatic; WPP Gets A New Chairman

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HP’s Behind The Wheel

HP is on a quest to take control of its programmatic buying and force pricing transparency in its automated dealings, Ad Age reports. HP’s programmatic and media planning business sits with Omnicom, whose Accuen trading desk has come under fire for its lack of transparency. “Hewlett Packard intends to take direct contractual control of their technology partnerships,” the company stated in an RFI, adding that “[f]uture plans include scaling our programmatic deployment across a growing number of marketing programs as well as supporting our ecommerce business geographically." Also raised in the RFI were concerns about ad fraud and the need to protect data privacy. Read more.


Google May Get A Buy Button; Dentsu Buys Rockett Interactive

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Google Seeks Fulfillment

Google is talking with retail partners about a “buy” button and a two-day shipping option for products sold through its shopping platform, the WSJ reports. “Amazon is increasingly running away with online retail in North America, which poses a huge problem for Google,” said Bessemer Venture Partners e-commerce investor Jeremy Levine. “Google has to get in front of this and create a reasonable alternative.” Pair with AdExchanger’s coverage of buy-button mania. E-tail competition heats up!


Vice To Go On Deal Spree; GroupM Takes Steps Toward Programmatic TV

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viceroundupWhat Vice’s $500M Will Buy

Speaking to the Financial Times, Vice chief Shane Smith said his company is gearing up for a “deal spree” in 2015, in the wake of its $500 million monster round led by A&E Networks. “Theoretically, if we’re doing $1bn of top line revenue and thirty to thirty five per cent margins … what media offering has there been like that in the last decade?” he said. Vice recently beefed up its senior management team, bringing James Schwab on board as co-president to manage mergers and acquisitions of content, technology and distribution companies. “We would be stupid not to think about an IPO,” added Smith. Read more.


Programmatic TV's Moment; Building Agency Programmatic Consulting

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Programmatic TV, Actually

Programmatic TV is having a moment, with TubeMogul’s recent reveal of a television buying product and ESPN’s auction model for some TV ads, but to some it’s “lots of talk.” AdAge rounds up some skeptical POVs, including GroupM’s top TV buyer, Rino Scanzoni, who says, “What is considered programmatic in digital is not taking place in the TV world.” ESPN’s Eric Johnson allows that "You're not going to replicate the exact mechanism and data targeting on TV that exists online.” But! “ We are moving in that direction as we build out these systems.” More.


Machine Intelligence Takes Hold; The Next Big Programmatic Thing

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2015: Smarter Machines

Big data: so very 2014. Next year “machine intelligence” could be the magical phrase around which a wave of startups find their footing. With a new landscape chart, Bloomberg Beta investor Shivon Zilis lays out some of the AI and “deep learning” players whose more perfect algorithms will transform sectors and perhaps start some new ones. In the ad and publishing categories, she holds up Rocket Fuel, Metamarkets, Dstillery and Outbrain, among others. Gentlemen, start your M&A engines. Survey the landscape.


Pixalate Releases A Seller Trust Index; Amazon Starts A Partner Program

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Seller Report Card

Ad analytics startup Pixalate surfaced its first monthly Global Seller Trust Index, rating marketplaces for ad quality. Google, OpenX and Rubicon Project rated highly for viewability, fraud and ad engagement. Millennial Media, Yahoo and AOL, meanwhile, have continuing issues. “This is a supply chain management problem and it will encourage good sellers to be ranked high and lower ranking sellers to invest in their supply quality management departments,” Pixalate CEO Jalal Nasir told Business Insider. Next up from Pixalate will be two forthcoming indices, one on website quality and a second looking at DSPs and buy-side platforms. Blog post.


Nielsen Primes ‘Total Audience’ Push, But Publishers Have Questions

KellyANielsen is pushing a total audience measurement designed to quantify audience and campaigns across screens, but it’s unclear whether it’s a service, platform or just a new marketing pitch.

Kelly Abcarian, SVP of product architecture, described the total audience measurement rating as an ongoing development for the company, building off of its existing data structure.

“It is a real data offering that gives you a total audience number across screens and content regardless of ad load,” she told AdExchanger, adding that the initiative will bring more flexibility to measuring “the viewing we all know is happening outside the three-or- seven-day window the industry trades on.”

This includes assessing audience in apps on connected devices or streaming video.

Nielsen said the end goal of “Total Audience” is to combine television ratings with Digital Content Ratings, announced in conjunction with Adobe in October, and ultimately complete the grid with over-the-top and connected devices, “a key focus for us in 2015,” according to Abcarian.


inPowered Wants To Avoid Clickbait By Focusing On Engagement

inPowered engagementContent promotion startup inPowered said Wednesday it has rebuilt its platform so marketers pay for engagement, not clicks, because the company believes optimizing for clicks encourages clickbait.

“For native advertising to work for all, it needs to focus on the end consumer,” CEO and co-founder Peyman Nilforoush said. “Otherwise it will go the way of the banner ads.”

When a user clicks through an inPowered-placed ad, it records user action – like scrolls, clicks, shares and time spent – on the site by putting the content into a frame. Brands pay if someone has the content in their active browser window for 15 seconds or if the person shares the content.

inPowered, which buys inventory on behalf of the brand, optimizes according to recorded engagement, which enables more efficient buying on ad exchanges. Its technology creates a frame for the content by appending the URL of the click-through link, enabling those post-click insights.

The company’s platform, which launched in March, generates advertisements that look like article previews to encourage click-throughs. These advertisements lead to genuine reviews for products a brand is trying to promote.

inPowered ranks the authors of the reviews by expertise, so marketers can choose whose product review they want to surface in the ad. (more…)

Accountability Over Viewability; Twitter Adds App Retargeting

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Viewability And Beyond

Responding to Google’s benchmark viewability data, Dentsu Aegis UK chief executive Tracy de Groose says advertisers are focused on accountability more than viewability. “The shift is not in the viewability of ads; it's increasingly about being able to pay for results, so advertisers don’t need to worry about which bit is seen or not,” de Groose told The Drum. “You only pay for the ads that are tangibly making a difference. I think clients are very aware that this is where we’re moving to. It’s why you’re seeing more ad budgets flowing through digital channels because there’s more accountability.” Read AdExchanger’s coverage Google’s data.