The Web Of Ad Technology Funding

Entrepreneur and writer of the Cogblog, Brent Halliburton, has created a new type of ecosystem map showing the interconnected web of funding for ad tech companies and organizes it by broad, functional groups.

Halliburton tells that he used historical data from angel investor Jerry Neumann, and TechCrunch’s Crunchbase to show “every investor that had made more than one investment in the space.”

Web of Funding
(full version is 2284 × 1200 pixels)

Halliburton adds, “GCA Savvian showed us who all the companies in the space are. This shows you who is funding them and the relationships.”

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  1. Brent– Now *you* get to deal with all the investors miffed at not being included!

    Seriously, people should fix their crunchbase profile, it’s a pretty useful resource, but the data is woefully incomplete.

  2. Terence Kawaja

    Brent – Jerry’s right. Look out inbox! Great job on this.

  3. Yep…prepare for the inbox onslaught…you missed us dude 🙂

  4. Ajay–

    You were in the data. But the chart highlighted investors who have made multiple investments in the space, and not companies themselves (the chart would have been too big!) Since your investors, as reported by Crunchbase–Lake Street, RLI, Melton and Redleaf–have only invested in one company in the space (you), they didn’t make the list. You should tell them they need to make more investments in the space 🙂