Predictions for 2011: Publishers 2011 Predictions: reached out to the web publishers for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

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Bob Carrigan, CEO, IDG Communications, Inc.

  • Leading vertical networks will increase in advertiser value by becoming vertically integrated platforms encompassing better data, exchange capabilities, and real-time bidding.  The formula for success is expert industry knowledge coupled with advanced targeting capabilities.

Tyler Fitch, Director, Yield Management, Mindjolt

  • Google (and maybe RMX) will position itself to compete with Yield Optimizers and beat them easily due to the fact that they bring their own demand to the equation.
  • DSP’s will turn to Video Advertising as a new outlet.  Scaling will still be the biggest problem. (pretty obvious).

Marc Goldberg, SVP, Business Development,

  • Advertisers will remember that the what and where are important, not just the who, and the “surplus” of inventory will quickly shrink.
  • The famous Luma slide will  change again as most of the players on the chart will have to “pivot” to survive and that will require a big funding round, which few will have the ability to raise.
  • Mobile Advertising will celebrate its 10th year of it being its year.
  • If Facebook comes out with a new contextual ad product offsite, publishers will re-architect their pages, deleting banner inventory that was once given to the networks.

Josh Jacobs, SVP Brand Advertising Products and Global Marketing, Glam Media

2011 is the year that we will see premium publishers start to claim their place in the exchange/RTB ecosystem. In 2011 we will see:

  • Standards which allow publishers to merchandise their own data and premium classes of inventory,
  • Premium & exclusive inventory access coupled with preferred media agreements, and
  • Publisher protection and analytics tools.

This will serve advertisers by allowing for more impactful and creative executions at scale (and make RTB much more interesting for brand advertisers), and Publishers by making them more equal participants in the marketplace and allowing them to open new pools of premium inventory in ways that enhance their sales efforts.

Richard Jalichandra, CEO, Technorati

  • The ad ecosystem depicted by the famous banker slides will continue to be wild and wooly.  Innovation will displace and/or move the frontlines back and forth with these things certain: a) consolidation amongst players in the ecosystem has to and will happen; b) ad technology will become more commodified (or at least the leads will be shorter); and c) scale matters.

Peter Naylor, EVP, Digital Media Sales, NBC Universal


  • I predict the industry will continue to work hard to find ways to make it easier to buy and sell digital media. Some innovations are adding more complexity to the ecosystem. The ecosystem is already too complex. We really need innovations that make everything easier.

Bennett Zucker, SVP / GM, Data Solutions, Ziff Davis, Inc.

  • Online advertising is due for a correction, but not in the form of plunging budgets, rates or yields.
  • Instead, the still immature ecosystem itself will get pounded by principal sellers and buyers intent on slashing the VST – the “Value Subtracted Tax” charged by hundreds of intermediaries who’ve enjoyed a remarkable run despite enduring global recession.
  • Networks, exchanges, data vendors, DSPs, SSPs, ad verifiers, measurers and the rest of the VC-fueled, tech-driven online ad underworld will be held to account for performance over promise and challenged to live or die by the very numbers they push on publishers and advertisers.

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